BTR Strengthens at the Top of the PMCO Global Fall Split standings

Bigetron eSports WWCD Match 7 PMCO Fall Split Global Finals

Bigetron eSports WWCD Match 7 PMCO Fall Split Global Finals

GridGames.ID – PMCO Global Grand Final – Fall Split 2022 has entered its second day starting on 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2022.

Seeing consistent performances in the second day of matches, made the Bigetron RA team sure to become the world champion of PUBG Mobile.

It was proven on the second day, the Bigetron RA team got 2 times Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in match 7 on the Miramar map and match 8 on the Erangel map.

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The Bigetron RA team consisting of BTR Zuxxy, BTR LUXyy, BTR Ryzen and BTR Microboy is one of the representatives from the Indonesian state.

On the one hand, the supporters of the Bigetron RA team who came to the Putra World Trade Center, Malaysia, constantly supported them to be the best.

For the temporary standings, the Bigetron RA team is in first place with 156 total points.

Followed by the Top eSports team from China, which won the PMCO Spring Split last season with 98 total points, a difference of 49 points from the Bigetron team.

“Getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 2 times in a row on the second day makes the Bigetron team very happy.” Said, BTR LUXyy.

Continue to support your favorite team to fight for the title of world champion in the PUBG Mobile game.

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