BTR Rippo’s Story About His Hobby Doing Taunting in MPL ID Season 7

BTR Rippo who likes taunting in MPL ID Season 7.


BTR Rippo who likes taunting in MPL ID Season 7.

GridGames.ID – The MPL ID Season 7 tournament was held approximately one week ago.

However, there are still many interesting stories left from the MPL ID Season 7 tournament.

One of them is BTR Rippo’s story about taunting and his hobby of making opposing fans hot in MPL ID Season 7.

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As is known, BTR Rippo is one of the Bigetron Alpha roster from Malaysia who successfully brought the team to the final round.

BTR Rippo has been Bigetron Alpha’s mainstay offlaner during MPL ID Season 7.

One of the things that left an impression on Rippo’s BTR in MPL ID Season 7 is his habit of taunting.

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In fact, BTR Rippo was dubbed the king of taunting in MPL ID Season 7 by several parties.

BTR Rippo’s most phenomenal taunting was when he played like a cat after his team won over EVOS Legends.


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