BTR Natic ​​Back? This is the Official Bigetron Esports PUBG Mobile News

GridGames.ID – Bigetron eSports is an eSports organization that was founded on May 27, 2022.

There is news from one of the PUBG Mobile divisions Bigetron eSports that Robby Mahardika aka BTR Natic ​​will be leaving the PUBG Mobile core team.

Almost, about 2 years BTR Natic ​​together with BTR Zuxxy and BTR Luxxy have collected achievements for Bigetron eSports.

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BTR Natic ​​left this team BTR eSports

robbymhrdks Instagram Instagram

BTR Natic ​​left this team BTR eSports

Quoted from the Instagram account @robbymhrdks, “Thank you for everything ????. Want to be sad, don’t cry. That’s how adult life teaches us many things, keep the spirit A lot of gratitude and sincerity! There is still God beside us. This is also not a will we. Love you guys.”

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In addition, it was reinforced from the Official Fanspage of Bigetron eSports that, “Choosing to withdraw from the PUBGM core team is @robbymhrdks’ choice to pay special attention to the life moments that Bigetroopers will soon face. Not really deciding to leave, BTR Natic ​​will be in the lineup. new Bigetron ION in the future. . Thank you Captain for all the struggles, sacrifices and achievements so far for Bigetron, keep the spirit and come back soon to bring new colors for Bigetron ION”.


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