BTR Luxxy states that this weapon is PUBG Mobile’s most OP.

BTR Luxxy states that this weapon is PUBG Mobile’s most OP. One of Indonesia’s best PUBG mobile players commented a while back on one type of PUBG mobile weapon, which is considered to be the most OP-rich weapon among other weapons in PUBG mobile games. So what is the weapon that Luxy is pointing to?

Previously, a player with the full name Made “Luxxy” Bagus Prabaswara now struggles to make the Indonesian name, especially Bigetron eSports, known to the world through the best PUBG Mobile tournament, PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) 2022. doing.

The tournament has been going on for some time, and Bigetron is still at number one on the standings with a fairly high point. But apart from that, during an interview session with one of the casters of the event, Luxxy made a slightly surprising statement about one of PUBG Mobile’s weapon types.

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When asked by the caster, “What weapon do you need to nerf with PUBG MOBILE?” Luxxy replied firmly that “Groza’s damage is too OP”. Luxxy’s remarks are quite reasonable given that Groza currently has the greatest damage of any other type of PUBG Mobile weapon.

If you’re playing one-on-one against someone who uses this weapon, you need to pray for luck. Groza itself is not a weapon that players can master on their own.

Sure, the damage is great, but the recoil is also great, so the aim is messed up. Then, to get it yourself, you can only get it with a brown bullet. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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