Bringing New Features, Dead Cells Announces Latest Update!

GridGames.ID – After several months of silence without any updates from the developer Motion Twin, now Dead Cells fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Yup, they just announced about the latest update which is planned to arrive next month.

The latest update will be released in mid-December and will include several new features to entertain fans.

The latest features such as weapons, enemies, new rooms, and other new things will arrive in the next update.

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The developer also said some other changes are still in the testing phase, so they can’t say for sure what features will be added in the future.

This update is a pleasant surprise, because the indie game that was released two and a half years ago to be exact in 2022 is still receiving updates.

Previously, Motion Twin released the latest update to Barrels o’ Fun to add a new environment.

They also announced that the Dead Cells game has sold over 3 million copies, cool!


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