Bring Lots of Gifts, Perfect World 2 Indonesia Surprises Archosaur

Perfect World 2 Indonesia

Lyto Games

Perfect World 2 Indonesia

GridGames.ID – LYTO again announced an interesting event held for the PC game entitled Perfect World 2 Indonesia.

The event titled Archosaur Surprise, which will be held, presents many prizes that can be obtained by players.

Also at the event, Gods (as players) who top-up or buy items in the game store will also have the opportunity to get cool and interesting prizes.

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Archosaur Surprise Event

Lyto Games

Archosaur Surprise Event

The following events will be held:

  • IM Heaver Dew Set Update
  • Heaven Dew Set Bonus
  • Archosaur Soul
  • Pride of Archosaur
  • Archosaur Cache

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Update Item Mall Heaven Dew Set

To enliven the event, the Heaven Dew Set mall item in the form of accessories will also be present.


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