Brave Tip: How to Become a God Using Precursors!

Brave Tip: How to Become a God Using Precursors!

Valorant offers different types of agents that players can choose to master. Omen is probably the most unique research agent.

I’m sorry, it has the following roles. Controller agent, That is, he is responsible for using his skills to master locations on the map.

In this article, SPIN Esports describes all the skills Omen has and how to master them.

Skill 1 – paranoia

Valorant Omen Tips

Paranoia is a skill similar to a flash bang. If you cast this skill outdoors, everything affected by this skill will disappear for a few seconds.

How to wear:

This skill is great for performing locations (such as bomb sites).

When properly activated, it can blind enemies around you, making the task of defeating them much easier.

Skill 2-Shroud Step

Valorant Omen Tips

Basically, the Shroded Step skill allows Omen to teleport a short distance to the location you mark.

How do you use it:

This skill is very useful when you want to escape from a predicament or when you want to surprise your enemies.

You can also use this skill to teleport to the same location, but still make the enemy think you’re teleporting to the other side.

In addition, you can use this skill to teleport to boxes and other hard-to-reach areas.

Skill 3 – Darkness cover

Valorant Omen Tips

You can use the Dark Cover skill to smoke through walls. It is very convenient because you can put the smoke anywhere you like.

How do you use it:

You can use this smoke to control attacking enemies and protect the location of bombs.

You can also use paranoia skills and dark covers together, which is a great advantage.The enemy doesn’t think you will escape smoke What you installed.

Ultimate Skill-From the Shadow

Valorant Omen Tips
Source: Caffeine Gamer

This skill is the ultimate (strongest) skill of Omen. You can use this skill to teleport anywhere on the map. You need 7 ult points to use this skill.

How to wear:

This skill is typically used to retrieve information, so you can activate the skill to teleport behind enemies and surprise them.

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In addition, you can combine the ultimate skills of The Omen with the Dark Cover.

You can shoot smoke You can protect yourself from enemy attacks by navigating to where you want to teleport and teleporting into the smoke using the From The Shadows skill.

Here are some tips for becoming a god when using Omen with Valorant! Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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