BOOM ID Again Raises the Champion Trophy at Kaskus Battle Ground Season 1

Kaskus Battle Ground : Mobile Game Festival

The final event for Kaskus Battle Ground: Mobile Game Festival was held on June 3, 2022 yesterday at Neo Soho Mall, Jakarta. In a series of game competitions mobile which was held from May to May 2022, BOOM ID Vainglory division managed to win the final match and established itself as the champion.

“KASKUS Battleground is here not only to support development eSports in Indonesia. We are also trying to bring tournaments mobile games which is becoming a trend among the Indonesian gaming community,” said Ronny W. Sugiadha as Kaskus Chief Marketing Officer.

Not only Vainglory tournament, Kaskus has also held a mini tournament Let’s get rich, BarbarianQ, LudoKing, and PB Strike in conjunction with roadshow at several campuses in Indonesia which will be held at each interval of the tournament season.

Defeat 8 selected teams from a total of 300 Vainglory teams registered

The Vainglory tournament journey from qualification to the final was not a joke, BOOM ID managed to go through a qualification process that screened 300 teams of participants, which was then selected only eight teams to compete in the Season 1 Final round of KASKUS Battlegorund: Mobile Games Festival. The eight teams besides BOOM ID include Elite8 eSports, Elite8 Win, Brothers Esports, Aphrodisiac, PG.Supernova, Team Mirages and Noiisy Boys. These eight teams are known as esport teams that usually pass in competitions including game matches mobile.

BOOM ID Again Raises the Champion Trophy at Kaskus Battle Ground Season 1

The first season is over, the second season is about to start

With the victory of the Vainglory division’s BOOM ID, closing Season 1 of Kaskus Battle Ground: Mobile Games season one. By bringing home a prize of IDR 70,000,000 BOOM ID added to their list of achievements, previously BOOM ID had also won the 2022 Vainglory Indihome eSport League.

The next season of Kaskus Battle Ground: Mobile Games will be held from July to August 2022 and will feature the game Rules of Survival as their main tournament. Rules of Survival itself is a survival battleground genre game with a third person view.

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