BOOM Esports Wins BTS Pro Series S9, Beats Polaris 3-0 Without Reply!

Roaster BOOM Esports at Grand Finals BTS Pro Series S9

BOOM Esports

Roaster BOOM Esports at Grand Finals BTS Pro Series S9

GridGames.ID – BOOM Esports has again proven the success of its roaster transformation in international tournaments.

This time, BOOM Esports won the BTS Pro Series Season 9 for the Southeast Asia (SEA) region on November 14.

By winning the BTS Pro Series S9, BOOM Esports has proven that they are one of the most powerful Dota 2 esports teams in the Southeast Asia region.

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BOOM Esports brings a new roaster line-up to the BTS Pro Series S9.

Interestingly, BOOM Esports is also still looking for the best team composition, so some roasters have to take turns taking roles during the BTS Pro Series S9.

Here is the BOOM Esports roaster on the BTS Pro Series S9.

  • Scheme (Support)
  • Yopaj (Midlane)
  • Tims (Support)
  • Hyde (Stand-in)
  • Mushi (safelaner, support)
  • FBz (offlaner)

Curious about BOOM Esports’ journey in the BTS Pro Series S9 tournament? Read on the next page.


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