Boat Rumble, The Successor Game to Boat Royale

Boat Rumble, The Successor Game to Boat Royale

Taken from post On December 19, 2022 on the official Boat Royale Facebook fanpage, it was announced that games Boat Royale will end its service period on December 27, 2022. It is not explained in detail the reason but on post At the same time, there is also a game of the same type as the name of the game Boat Rumble.

Boat Rumble can be played from 20 December 2022

Many things will change in the game Boat Rumble Later, some of what Mobileague can summarize are as follows
Legion War Update
Sharing Hero (Hero can be used simultaneously)
Hero Cap up to 8 stars
Melting System for Hero
Arena Duration to 1 Week with Lader / Point System
Assist Battle (Cooperative campaign with friends)

One thing that is interesting is the logo MigMe side by side with the logo Gamespark on the website as well as the video trailer of the game Boat Rumble

Besides that Boat Royale is holding events share Redeem Code for every friend who posts screenshots profile page from the game Boat Royale on the facebook page, and you will get items in the Boat Rumble game in the form of 100k coins, 2000 Wood, 750 Gold and 1 Da Qiao hero!

For those of you who want to know more about Boat Rumble, you can directly visit the Facebook fanpage:
Website :

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