Block Volume Formulas and Example Problems + Discussion [LENGKAP]

In the world of mathematics, the formulas that are owned are very diverse and of many types. Each formula has its own uses and functions. So we can’t just use the formula to solve the problem or problem we are working on. Not all formulas can be used in all questions.

Therefore, understanding each formula in mathematics is very important and must be studied to increase your insight and knowledge in learning mathematics.

So learning mathematics is actually not a scary thing, but more towards a fun thing, if the learning method used is interesting and does not make us bored studying.

Block Volume Formula

Build Block Room

One of the formulas that we need to learn in the world of mathematics is the formula for the volume of a block. The block is the size of an object that is a box but has space in it.

An example of a block-shaped object is cardboard. Cardboard has a length, height, and width in each cardboard size. So with the height of the cardboard, the cardboard will have space in it. Where this can be used to store something else.

To make it easier to measure the volume of cardboard, it would be better if you learn the formula for the volume of a block. The following is a discussion of the formula for the volume of a block:

Block Volume = pxlxt


P: length of the beam

L: beam width

Q: beam height

Each shape of the beam will certainly have the three compositions above, so it can be easily calculated how many volumes are. This is because each block will have each function according to how much volume it has.

Beams have simple specifications in the context of building space. Beams are classified as building blocks that do not have many components, so it is still easy to calculate their volume.

Unlike other spatial shapes that have many components and are sometimes difficult to calculate. This does not happen in the shape of the beam space, because the components that are owned to calculate the volume there are only three things, namely length, width, and height. So that it will be easier to learn and understand and work on problems related to building blocks.

Sample Questions and Discussion

Block Volume Formula and Example Problem Soal

To make it easier to understand the formula for the volume of a block that has been discussed, it will be easier if you understand the questions that explain the volume of a block.

This will make it easier for you to learn about the volume of the block. Here are some examples of questions and discussions of the volume formula of a cuboid.

  1. Yesterday andi just bought a refrigerator at an electronic equipment store in the Kalisari area. After Andi bought the goods, Andi went home and waited for the goods to arrive. Andi found that his purchase came in a very large cardboard box. The size of the cardboard is 150 cm high, 50 cm wide and 50 cm long. Andi wants to know the volume of the cardboard.


It is known that p: 50 cm, l: 50 cm, and h: 150 cm.

So, the volume of the cardboard is pxlxt = 50 x 50 x 150 = 375000 cm3

  1. Mother will hold a recitation celebration at home. The stock of glass mineral water supplies has run out. Mother needs some boxes of mineral water to prepare for the celebration. Mother needs about 5 boxes of mineral water. Each box has a height of 20 cm, a width of 30 cm and a length of 40 cm. What is the volume of each box, and the total volume of all the boxes that mother has?


It is known that h: 40 cm, l: 30 cm, and h: 20 cm.

So, the volume of 1 piece of cardboard is pxlxt = 40 x 30 x 20 = 24000 cm3

If mother has 5 boxes of mineral water, then the total volume of all boxes of mineral water that mother has is 5 x volume of 1 box = 5 x 24000 = 120000 cm3.

  1. Roni has a box of goods with a volume of 420 cm2. Roni will use the box to wrap the gift that will be given to Leo. Where, tomorrow is Leo’s birthday. Roni wants an item that Leo likes, but Roni has to determine how many details the box has. If the box has a length of 12 cm and a width of 5 cm. So how high is the box?


It is known that p: 12 cm, l: 5 cm, and v: 420 cm3.

So, to find out the height of the box how to calculate it is

V = pxlxt

420 = 12 x 5 xt

t = 420/(12 x 5)

t = 420/60

t = 7 cm

so the height of the box of goods owned by roni is 7 cm.

  1. Mona just bought a set of dapus tools. The purchases are made at the same shop, so the items that Mona buys are put in large boxes so that they can be taken home easily. The specifications for the size of the cardboard that Mona received were 30 cm high, 30 cm wide and 50 cm long. What volume of cardboard does Mona receive?


It is known that h: 30 cm, l: 30 cm, and h: 50 cm.

So, the volume of 1 piece of cardboard is pxlxt = 30 x 30 x 50 = 45000 cm3

So, the volume of cardboard that Mona receives is 45000 cm3

With information about the formula for the volume of a block, and equipped with example questions and discussions, it will be easier for us to learn. So that learning mathematical formulas will be more fun because not only the theory is studied, but also complete with a discussion of examples of the problem.

Learning math that has formulas makes practicing easy and fun. With this you can challenge yourself to be able to do the questions easily. Hopefully this article is useful for you.