Blade&Soul Revolution Game Announces First Large-Scale Update

GridGames.ID – Get ready, loyal players of the Blade&Soul Revolution game because your favorite game will present the first large-scale update.

This announcement was delivered directly by the developer, Netmarble, and has arrived today (25/6).

This oriental action MMORPG mobile game featuring a stunningly cinematic story of revenge from the online PC game adaptation Blade&Soul.

This update comes with two main contents, namely the new class ‘Summoner’ and the latest feature ‘Occupation Battle’ along with various events for new and returning players.

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Well, sAs a form of celebration of the update, Netmarble also presents a 7-day Check-in Event for new players and comebacks.

New and comeback players who log into the game every day for 7 days will get a Heroic Accessory Box as a prize.

In addition, there is also a 33 Day Special Check-in Event which will provide Heroic Equipment Boxes for all players who log into the game for a total of 33 days.

Players who play back into the game will also get the Comeback User Buff in this update.

This buff will increase Item Drop Rate by 10%, Silver Acquisition Rate by 20%, and Inventory Max Weight by 500 slots.

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