Black Desert Mobile Finally Adds Archer Sub-Class, Fletcher

Black Desert Mobile

GridGames/ Teguh Wicaksana

Black Desert Mobile

GridGames.ID – Last week, players were able to further customize Black Desert Mobile’s newest class, Archer which can become Fletcher.

In the class selection screen, players can now choose between the original Ascension Archer or the Fletcher Awakening subclass.

Although these two characters both use bows in combat, their fighting styles are very different.

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Archer’s main weapon is a crossbow mounted on the arm for the purpose of speed and agility.

This allows them to be one of the fastest and agile classes when it comes to long range combat in Black Desert Mobile.

Meanwhile, a divine gauntlet called Ra’ghon grants Archer magic arrows that can deal massive damage to enemies, making them even more difficult to take down when fighting from a distance.

Enter the Fletcher sub-class, this character has a critical attack to inflict fatal damage on the enemy.

Fletcher himself has his own nickname, namely the ‘Watcher of the Battlefield’.


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