Bigetron Red Aliens PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022

Bigetron Red Aliens PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022

Jakarta, May 5, 2022 – Bigetron Red Aliens has succeeded in proving itself as the best professional PUBG Mobile professional team in Indonesia. The tournament which has been running for more than a month has been closed by the brilliant performance of Bigetron Red Aliens who got 233 points in 4 Chicken Dinners and 87 kills. This victory brought them the grand prize of 20,000 USD and the opportunity to represent Indonesia in the PUBG Mobile World League 2022. Bigetron Red Aliens PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022

The Champion, Bigetron Red Aliens

“Congratulations to the Bigetron Red Aliens Team for winning the PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022. We have high hopes for the excellent quality of talent from the Indonesian representatives. This is evidence of the increasingly strong development of the eSports industry and talent in Indonesia, and PUBG Mobile wants to participate in helping, delivering, and highlighting Indonesia’s name in the international eSports arena.

Bigetron Red Aliens PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022
Bigetron Red Aliens PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022

We also thank the other 15 teams for presenting the best PUBG Mobile matches to loyal fans. Opportunities are still wide open for teams in positions 1, 2, and 3 to fight again in PUBG Mobile Southeast Asia Final 2022 Season 1. Prepare and make the best of this opportunity because the competition is not getting easier but getting tougher with the best teams from around the world. the entire Southeast Asian region.” said Gaga Li, PUBG Mobile’s Director of eSports for Southeast Asia.

Fierce match

The PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022 tournament managed to meet the expectations of all PUBG Mobile eSport lovers by presenting such fierce matches at the highest level of competition in Indonesia. On the first day, The Pillars Slayer managed to top the standings with a total of 79 points from 2 Chicken Dinners and 29 kills, followed by Bigetron Red Aliens with 69 points from 1 Chicken Dinner and 22 kills.

Bigetron Red Aliens paid off for a less hot start on the second day after adding 2 Chicken Dinners which pushed the total points to 146 and 52 kills, pulling The Pillars Slayer to second place with a total of 138 points and 47 kills. Until the second day, each team still has the same opportunity to become PMPL 2022 champions, as seen from the position of the standings which is very dynamic and always changing in each round.

Bigetron Red Aliens PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022
Bigetron Red Aliens PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022

As if taking revenge for the less than optimal performance on the first day, Bigetron Red Aliens was able to continue the positive trend on the third day. In the end Bigetron Red Aliens managed to outperform 15 other teams and bring home the 2022 PMPL trophy with 233 points from 4 Chicken Dinner and 87 kills. This is inseparable from the good and consistent cooperation by Zuxxy, Luxxy, Ryzen, and Microboy.

PUBG Mobile Pro League 2022 Winners

Morph Team must be willing to admit the superiority of Bigetron Red Aliens after failing to add points in crucial rounds, however Morph Team is entitled to a prize of 14,000 USD after recording a good achievement in second place with 192 points and 73 kills in 2 Chicken Dinners. In position 3 is occupied by ONIC eSports which gave a surprise and managed to take advantage of crucial moments so that it followed The Pillars Slayer with 173 points and 75 kills in 2 Chicken Dinners. ONIC eSports is entitled to a prize of USD 7,000 and the 3 teams in positions 1, 2, and 3 will again continue their struggle in the PMPL SEA Finals 2022 S1 to become additional representatives from Indonesia in the PUBG Mobile World League 2022.

A total of 155,000 more viewers

Along with the end of the PMPL 2022 tournament, PUBG Mobile has recorded a fantastic number of live streaming viewers. The highest number of spectators was on the last and third day of the PMPL tournament, with 155,300 spectators recorded watching the Grand Final for 3 days through the PUBG Mobile Facebook account. High enthusiasm has been shown by PUBG Mobile fans throughout Indonesia. In preparing and ensuring the best quality for PUBG Mobile fans, Tencent collaborated with Facebook Gaming as the official partner of the live stream platform to present the PMPL Grand Final match.

About PMPL

PUBG Mobile Pro League is the largest official PUBG Mobile tournament in Southeast Asia by Tencent, which competes with 12 invited teams and 12 teams obtained from the Qualifier Stage. The winner of the PUBG Mobile Pro League will be the representative of Indonesia to compete in the PUBG Mobile World League, which pits PUBG Mobile teams from all over the world into one tournament. PUBG Mobile Pro League is being held in 5 other countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.

About PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. PUBG Mobile comes from PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), a fighting game that brought excitement to the world of interactive entertainment in 2022. 100 players parachute into remote islands to battle for one winner. Players must also find and search for their weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat every player on the battlefield. Players are also spoiled with the best visuals and tactics.

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