Bigetron Alpha Successful Comeback Against Geek Fam in MPL ID S8 Continued!

Bigetron Alpha roster at MPL ID S8

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Bigetron Alpha roster at MPL ID S8

GridGames.ID – The fourth week of the Mobile Legends Professional Indonesia Season 8 (MPL ID S8) tournament on the second day featured a match between Geek Fam and Bigetron Alpha.

This match was predicted to be quite tight from the start because both teams had big ambitions to win.

Especially because the two of them had just lost in the match the day before.

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For those who don’t know, in the match that took place last Friday (3/9/2021), both Geek Fam and Bigetron Alpha were forced to lose.

Both lost to their respective opponents with the same final point, namely 2-0.

Geek Fam lost against AURA Fire, while Bigetron Alpha bowed to ONIC Esports.

Not wanting to lose in a row for the second time, Geek Fam and Bigetron Alpha both appeared with maximum strength in this match.

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Then, what are the results of the MPL ID Season 8 match between Geek Fam vs Bigetron Alpha?


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