Big Boss Koei Tecmo Interested in Making Super Mario Musou CrossOver A la Dynasty Warrior!

Previously Koei Tecmo and Nintendo succeeded in developing Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity , two pairs of spin-off games from from the world The Legend of Zelda featuring Dynasty Warrior-style musou-style gameplay.

After the release of the 2 games above, many began to wonder if there might be plans to adapt other Nintendo properties into musou games. In an interview with JP Games about Samurai Warriors 5, producer and Big Boss Koei Tecmo Hisashi Koinuma was asked a question about which video game series he wanted to make into a musou game next.

The response was surprising! None other than Nintendo’s flagship superstar Mario:

Q: Ini sepenuhnya hipotetis, tetapi karena kita sedang membahas game crossover: secara pribadi, game crossover Musou mana yang ingin Anda lihat? Bagi saya, itu adalah Yakuza. Mengamuk melalui gerombolan dengan Kazuma Kiryu atau Goro Majima akan menjadi luar biasa.Hisashi Koinuma: Jika serial ini berfungsi sebagai game aksi, maka itu pasti mungkin. Meskipun saya tidak memiliki ide tentang cara mewujudkannya, saya pikir Mario akan menjadi pilihan saya.

Back in 2022, Koinuma once mentioned that he would love to work on Mario games, whether it’s musou style or not. While it might be hard to imagine Mario and his friends fighting off hordes of Goomba and other baddies,

Ubisoft also got a license to develop the Mario Mario + The Rabbids Kingdom Battle game. If Ubisoft can turn Mario into a successful turn-based tactics game, maybe anything is possible.


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