Best! This is a convenient controller to use when playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile game banned in Nepal

PUBG mobile game banned in Nepal

GridGames.ID – For those of you who are asking the GridGames.ID admin about how the controller is used to play the PUBG Mobile game.

Previously, in the PUBG Mobile controller there were motion controllers, bags, shoot, look right and left, tp view, reload, squat, lie down, jump, weapon 1, weapon 2, etc.

For those of you who are beginners, this setting is perfect for you to learn to control movement.

PUBG Mobile Control

Doc. GridGames

PUBG Mobile Control

From the settings above you can learn to try in the next training mode to ranked mode.

First, you can try this setting for players who use 2 fingers.

If you are used to using 2 fingers, you can learn and activate using the Gyroscope, because it is very helpful in learning to use horizontal and vertical movements of shots.

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The next tip, to learn to use 3 fingers, namely 2 thumbs and index fingers of the left hand. So this index finger serves to make you faster in shooting enemies or spraying.

For those of you who are pro, you can try using 4 fingers, namely 2 thumbs and 2 index fingers, btw fingers, guys! Hehe.

Here are tips that you can try anywhere, invite your squad to play and try the settings, okay!


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