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Some people tend not to update their current software unless the latest version of the software has interesting features that the previous version did not have.

This time we are going to discuss the latest version of Wondershare PDFelement (all-in-one PDF editor) for Windows, which is version 8. In version 8, it already has stronger performance and faster speed than the previous version. So users get better performance without having to spend more money than usual.

Benefits of Wondershare PDFElement 8

  • Cloud Storage – Can securely access files anywhere
  • Electronic signature
  • 3x faster to get started
  • 50% lower damage rate

defect Wondershare PDF Element 8

  • There are currently no upgrades for the Mac version


A short description

PDFelement 8 for Windows is the latest and most advanced version of Wondershare PDFelement. In this version, users enjoy the convenience of faster editing with better performance. The best feature of this latest version is the cloud storage function where the software is directly linked to the Wondershare cloud document which consists of storage services and electronic signatures. Paid users get 100 GB of storage space and the ability to send an unlimited number of documents to any number of signers.

This function of the electronic signature deserves special attention as it can be accessed from anywhere without installation. There are also pre-made templates with multiple shipping options. This feature allows you to get multiple signatures on the same document or one signature per copy for contractual documents (legal documents), HR department and finance department with all its convenience. The recipient can also sign a copy of the document from any device regardless of the operating system, as long as the browser is connected to the Internet.

In terms of performance, PDFelement 8 is 300% faster (1s compared to 3s) at startup and can open documents 3x faster (0.5s compared to 1.5s) than PDFelement 7. PDFelement 8 also offers 50% lower crash rates and requires only 40 MB of boot memory compared to the old version, which is 120 MB.

The visual representation presented is very easy for the user to navigate. With several icons on the start page, it is very easy to display different modules that are intended to highlight a minimalist and simple design.

The navigation area has been accelerated for editing and commenting. The redundant features have been grouped into a button so that it is generally more similar to Windows applications than previous versions. The icons used in PDFelement 8 are more user-friendly and already describe their functions. The color scheme has also been changed to make it more attractive and visually appealing.

Overall, the latest version of PDFelement 8 is being worked hard by the developers to improve the user experience. Especially with regard to speed and performance improvements, interesting UI changes and additional functions are clearly geared towards the wishes of the customers. In addition, the price offered by Wondershare for this new product is also very affordable. This is in line with the many features provided in the latest version.

PDFelement 8 release date and price for Windows

PDFelement 8 for Windows was released in the last week of November 2022.

The price offered corresponds to the standards for all PDFelement products. The price quoted for this software is suitable for active PDF users who do not have a large budget for premium applications like Adobe Creative Cloud. While PDFelement has most of the functionality found in the Adobe Acrobat DC application. These include editing, conversion, annotation, security, forms management, advanced predictive text, page management, file size optimization, and so on.

The great advantage of PDFelement now is that it integrates directly with cloud storage services, complete with electronic signature functionality that can be used to reduce processing times for contracts, agreements, cancellations and other important documents that are circulated internally and externally, to accelerate. This can be seen in different versions at reasonable prices, as follows:

Wondershare PDFElement license price

During the introductory period, you can get a discount by using the link below Wondershare PDFelement
  • PDFelement Standard: $ 59 / year or $ 69 lifetime
  • PDFelement Pro: $ 79 / year or $ 129 lifetime
  • PDFelement Pro for iOS: $ 29.99 / year
  • PDFelement Bundle (PDFelement Window / macOS / iOS + Document Cloud): $ 153.99 / year

Aspect of UI design

Much effort has gone into making PDFelement more user-friendly and easier for beginners to complete all of its tasks. See a more detailed picture:

Important point

  • Smoother user interface with improved clarity and softer colors
  • Easier navigation with simplified controls and function keys
  • Closer to the original Windows experience

The first impression of the main page is designed very simply to give the impression that users can directly access frequently used functions such as Open File, Combine PDF, Optimize PDF, OCR, Convert PDF, Create PDF and Batch PDF.

If you click on one of the corresponding windows, you will immediately see clearly labeled advanced functions such as Edit, Comment, Convert, Tools (additional elements), View, Protect and Pages.

Each of these tabs then contains a subset of functions that are assigned to this category. The cursor mode under the editing function can be set to select, capture and edit, for example, and is accompanied by buttons for controlling various aspects such as text, images, watermarks, numbering borders, etc.

As mentioned earlier, the iconography has improved tremendously and is now much clearer at first glance. Any symbol that may be ambiguous is now clearly labeled to indicate what function it performs.

The ribbon style menu works well for a lot of reasons. Reason one: It gives users a more native experience in Windows, which means first time users are more familiar with the layout as they are already familiar with it. Second, it simplifies the top-level menu by showing additional buttons only after certain features have been selected. After all, it is in line with the minimalist design principle that is an important part of the user experience.

Overall, we think PDFelement 8 does a great job of balancing simplicity with functionality.

Cloud storage vs. electronic signature – which new feature is more attractive?

  • 100 GB cloud storage
  • Access documents from any device
  • Send documents for electronic signature

Sign your own documents in the cloud

To be honest, it’s hard for us to say which of the two new features is better. It all depends on what your PDF workflow looks like.

For example, if your team works from multiple locations, the cloud storage feature will prove to be more valuable to your business, as multiple people can view and freely work on the same latest version of a given document.

On the other hand, if you’re part of a sales team, the ability to have documents signed in the field by your customers on their own devices would be very appealing.

And that’s why we believe Wondershare introduced these two features because together they make a great capability for multi-terminal environments. The cloud storage function enables better access to documents, while the electronic signature function allows you to securely send documents for the online digital signature both internally and to external shareholders.

PDFelement 8. Performance and stability

  • 3x faster
  • 2x more stable
  • 100% smoother performance

After comparing PDFelement 8 with its older version, we came to the conclusion that the newer version is much more stable when working with large documents. The application startup time is significantly reduced, but the value lies in how quickly this new version can open documents that are hundreds of pages.

Also, even on 64-bit Windows systems with older hardware, there is little delay in performing various functions such as saving a file, splitting a file into sections, merging two or more PDFs, etc.

The software has clearly been optimized for better performance on all Windows devices, both new and older 64-bit versions of Windows. Overall, it gives the impression that a lot of resource optimization changes have been made to the backend that result in a superior frontend experience.

Buy PDFelement 8 if …

You need a lot of functionality at an affordable price

Affordability and full feature set rarely go hand in hand, but PDFelement 8 seems to have reached that Holy Grail. Where 90% of what Adobe Acrobat DC can do for less.

  • PDFelement 8 offers a comprehensive solution for document management with basic and advanced functions for reading, creating, converting, commenting, filling out forms and file management. Check out the full features of PDFelement here.
  • Collaboration is an important aspect of the PDFelement family of editors as it focuses on extensive annotation and commenting tools, as well as the ability to easily print and share documents.
  • PDF and other document workflows can be accelerated with features like batch processing, conversion to and from PDF, file merging, page extraction, and more.

Do you think cloud storage will be an asset to your business?

Whether you work in the same office or in 10 different locations, cloud storage can significantly increase your productivity and reduce your need for local resources such as servers and internal IT know-how.

They believe that the possibilities of the online electronic signature will speed up your contracts and other important processes

The ability to send documents to multiple people to get their signatures and then have the ability to track the signing status of each document can be of great benefit to any business. Whether your sales department is looking to close more deals or your HR department needs employee approval for policy changes, PDFelement 8 with electronic signature capabilities can be game changing.

Don’t buy PDFelement 8 if …

Are you satisfied with the performance of your existing PDF editor?

If it ain’t broken, why fix it? If you’re happy to spend more money on a better PDF editor, then move on to your current software.

They don’t believe that cloud storage, online eSigning, and better performance are important

Many people believe that cloud storage is risky, but it is no riskier than hacking your own system. In fact, cloud security is stronger as it enforces enterprise-class protocols that you may not be able to run with localized data. However, if you are against the cloud and all that it has to offer, then don’t buy PDFelement 8.

You think great user experience is overkill

If you are unsure whether your employees can be more productive and your business can be more profitable when you have the right tools for day-to-day document workflows, then switching to PDFelement 8 is not a good idea.


You can try and download it for free before buying it from the link below Free Download Wondershare PDFelement 8

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