Best Free Offline 3D Home Design Apps PC Sweet Home 3D

Free Home Design App for PC: Sweet Home 3D

There are many home design app and interiors available today. And here you will present one of them to you now. Sweet Home 3D is a home and interior design application for PC that will help you quickly draw house plans, arrange furniture in them, and see the results in 3D preview. Sweet Home 3D is the perfect app to help you place furniture in your home.

Supports many furniture models

If you want to redecorate an apartment or rearrange existing furniture in a room, Sweet Home 3D proves to be the easiest way to do it. This application provides 75 models of furniture that you can place in every room. All models are organized into categories according to their placement in the house. You can make a custom design suitable for your home, following all the measurements of the space and the details of the furniture.

And what I like most about this application is that you can do all of that in real time free! Sweet Home 3D is a project open source and offers more furniture parts and whole house projects on manufacturers’ websites.

3D Preview Support

You can design a custom room, define the dimensions of the space, wall thickness and texture, and pretty much any other detail you might think of. The best feature of Sweet Home 3D is its support to be able to enjoy 3D preview from home any time.

The main window of Sweet Home 3D is divided into four panes which help you get a clear and complete view of the house. The first panel shows a list of available objects which are grouped into categories: Bedroom, Bathroom, Doors and windows, Kitchen and Living Room, making it easy for you to find the desired furniture object. The list also includes a thumbnail image of the selected section and information about the designer.

Free Home Design App for PC: Sweet Home 3D Layout

The Grid Panel lets you position the furniture in the room and also gives you access to a context menu from where you can choose to change dimensions, create walls, delete objects, as well as zoom in and out.

In the lower left pane of the Sweet Home 3D main window, you can see a detailed list of objects that you have added to your home design.

You can select the furniture attributes you want to see such as: Name, Width, Height, abscissa, Depth, Ordination, Elevation, Angle, Color, Door/Window and Appearance. You can modify the attributes and configure the dimensions and position of an object.

The 3D preview panel gives you a clear idea of ​​how your home will look after you redecorate. And of course you can rotate the view to any angle, zoom in or out and record all aspects of your new home design.

A very important feature of Sweet Home 3D is the possibility to import 3D objects from different formats such as LWS, OBJ, and 3DS.


Free Home Design App for PC: Sweet Home 3D View

The appearance of the application is very intuitive and easy to use: it includes the main main menu of the application, the synthesis function and a toolbar with buttons for each relevant action.

You can also interact with Sweet Home 3D via the context menu provided.


Sweet Home 3D can turn decorating ideas in your imagination into real plans, sketches of your home can be viewed and adjusted to consider functional and aesthetic aspects.

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