Best Build Items SAVAGE & Spells Karrie Mobile Legends

Karrie is hero Type Sagittarius, hero it is famous for Attack speed that’s very joss because Attack speed As a result, Karrie can attack tanks with thick HP in no time at all, so hero you can say that Sagittarius Exterminator Tanker. But Karrie has to be a lot Agriculture because at the beginning Games There isn’t much Karrie can do to help war or if 1 vs. 1 also has a career skill qualified to support Attack speed his. Here is a review from Skills, build items & spells career.

I. Explanation of Karrie’s Abilities


First is passive skills What name is Lightwheel marker, in Skills this career will add Light wheel marking on the opponent when attacking basic or skill it hits the enemy when Lightwheel marker 5 on the goal it changes to Light wheel the real one will then stab the enemy and dish out 7% to 13% real harm by Max mobile. then damage can reach 300 for monster target Jungle.

Ability 1

Next Ability 1 What name is Rotating wheel of light, in Skills this career is going to let go Flywheels at certain points that are shaped like balls and give 200 (+ 90% more) physical attack) physical harm, as well as those affected Skills it is slowed down by 80%. Then you get 100 for enemies around this ball (+ 20% extra physical attack) physical harm and of course it will slow them down too. Skills used it Where up to 80 and has cooling down 8.0 seconds.

Ability 2

then Ability 2 called Phantom stride, Skills move in the desired direction when released flywheel against enemies near Karrie and gives 150 (+ 100% total physical attack) damage. Then when Karrie used it ultimateshe, she can shoot 2 flywheel when using Skills that all at once, Skills This is usually used to hunt down a dying enemy or to keep your distance from their enemies. Skills it has cooling down for 6.0 seconds and use Where as much as 50

Ability 3

And the last one ultimate skills her name is fast wheel of light, in Skills that makes career better Speed ​​of movement will also release 2 Light wheel at the same time as Basic attack, but all Basic attack will only give 50% damage and Attack speed is reduced by 20%. Skills used it Where 140 and have time cooling down for 30.0 seconds.

II. Build items Karrie

The following are the best articles that are widely used by worldwide top Karrie.

III. Explanation of Karrie’s items

1. Fast boots

Products The first thing recommended to buy is fast boots, Products that gives + 15% Attack speed and + 40% Speed ​​of movement. So Products it doesn’t just improve Speed ​​of movement Just Karrie, but also Attack speed it’s increasing too, that’s why Products This is very suitable to start with Games.

2. Demon hunter sword

Products next Demon hunter sword, Products that gives +35 extra physical attack, + 25% Attack speed, then clearly passive Products that’s everyone Basic attack will give Health theft for 4 seconds up to 3 times, meaning is preserved Robbery of life every career attack. In addition, this article can help you Agriculture faster because in Products this will add 10% damage from mobile Target (only for forest monsters) with every karrie attack.

3. Rose gold meteor

The third Rose gold meteor, in Products this gives +60 physical attack, +30 Magical RES, + 5% Robbery of life and uniquely passive Products That’s when mobile less than 30%, lifts a shield that absorbs damage between 510 – 1350 and increases depending on the level. So Products This is supposed to cover up Karrie’s weakness a little, namely mobile and armor what he has is small.

4. Endless struggle

Products the fourth is endless struggle, there Products that adds up to +65 physical attack, +25 where is rain, +250 mobile, + 10% Cooldown Reduction, + 5% Speed ​​of movement, passive from Products That’s when hero emit Skills, attacks normal will continue to increase damage 85% physical attack how real harm. But this effect has cooling down For 1.5 seconds. And if the effect was active, it is increased by 15%. Karrie bought this to get Robbery of life and mobile what makes it durable because it gets these two.

5. Berseker’s anger

The next one is Berseker’s anger, there Products it increases by +65 physical attack, + 25% critical damage, + 40% critical damage, unique passive of Products that can improve physical attack 5% for 2 seconds. So this article will be added Robbery of life Even critical for Carrie.

6. Scralet Phantom

And the last one is phantom, Products this adds an additional +170. added physical attack, + 10% Attack speed, and passive Products that is added attack up to 10% for enemies hit by abnormal attacks like stunned. Products This is placed at the end as the price is quite expensive.

NS. Battle spell Karrie

The battle spells used are to inspire. because Spells that will do Attack speed von Karrie will be very quick, what if you want to kill Tanker whatever thick mobile it will be instantaneous, so these spells fit right in combo great with fast wheel of light.

Hopefully with a guide and explanation over builds & conjures This career makes you better and keeps you winning continuously when you play both solo and while playing ranked with your friends.

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