Best build items and spells Zhask Mobile Legends

Mobile legends are Games MOBAs on mobile devices, e.g. B. Games MOBAs in general, mobile legends also have a lot going for them hero there are about 58 that can be used hero, but in this article we will discuss and explain about it Build zhask items to the best battle spells what is used for hero Zhask.

Zhask himself is a hero Type magician who had the stature of an alien with dreadlocks and carried a staff in his right hand, hero this is very unique because he is 5. Has Skills to fight with. Here is a review from fourth Skills Zhask as well as Spells & build the best for Zhask.

I. Explanation of the Zhask Skill

Passive skills

The first Skills passive it is Decimation, in Skills this zhask will explode together Nightmarish spawn when he dies and will give real harm of 500 (+ 100% total magical power). Because Zhask’s goal is only 1, namely: DESTROY

Ability 1

The next one is Skill 1 Nightmarish spawn, in Skills this zhask will conjure up a physical form nightmare or generally called “Joni” in certain areas, the Joni cannot move, but automatically attacks enemies in its vicinity. The base is started for all 2 attacks Death ray on the enemy and will stun the enemy. strength nightmare will increase with increasing levels and items. Skills it has cooling down for 16.0 and consumes 100 mana.

Ability 2

And next is Skill 2 What name is Mind eater, in Skills Zhask fires a laser in the desired direction and enemies hit by the laser get 400 (+ 210% overall) magical power) Points magical damage. And if the “Joni” or Skill 1 is still embedded, it will also fire a laser at the enemy. Skills it has cooling down for 8.0 and spend 50 mana.

Ability 3

Further Skill 3 This is Beehive clones, in Skills this zhask will be a clone of. issue nightmare, these clones are like mines, if entered or hit by an enemy, they explode giving 140 (+ 50% magical power) Points magical damage. and will also reduce Speed ​​of movement 3 seconds to 80%. If they don’t hit the enemy, they’ll go away on their own. Has this ability cooling down for 10.0 and use up to 200 mana.

Ability 4

And the last one is Skill 4 This is Descent of the Dominator, in Skills this zhask will get better Nightmarish spawn or it can be said to change “joni” to “jono” so that it increases its attack power and “jono” can be moved once. Skills it has cooling down for 60.0 seconds and consumes 200 mana.

II. Build items Zhask

Below are the best items currently in use by the world’s leading Zhask. Which currently from the Taiwan flag ID with 500. is held game and a win rate of 89.4%

III. Explanation to Zhask

1st clock of fate

Products The first thing you have to buy is Clock of fate because it’s +60. adds Magical power, +615 HP and +600 mana. And the good thing is that this item is +30 HP and +5. can add Magical power every 30 seconds up to 10 times and when it reaches 10 times, Zhask gets 5% magical damage plus receives a bonus of +300 mana. Zhask uses this in the beginning so that his mana increases and is less wasteful.

2. Fast boots

Products the second is Fast boots. If you want Zhask about power then use these shoes because Fast boots will improve speed Zhask attack up to + 15% and also unique Products this adds +40. added Speed ​​of movement.

3. Enchanted talisman

The next item is the enchanted talisman Products this adds +50. added magical power, +250 HP and + 20% Cooldown Reduction, and the unique passive of this object is that it can give regenerate that’s + 10% every 10 seconds.

4. Feather of Heaven

And next is Feather of heaven, Products that will make Zhask even sicker, how not. Feather of heaven adds +65. added Magical power and + 30% Attack speed. Will also increase 8% Spell vampire and normal attacks give 40% Skills power how Magical damage.

5. Devil’s tears

Products The 5 buy recommendations are Devil tears there Products this adds +65. added Magical power also adds + 40% magical penetration and if the blood is over 70%, the ability effect bonus Products increased by 30%.

6. Bulwark of courage

And the last article defense, This is Bulwark of courage, this item is very good as it gives +770 HP and +45 HP rain. The good of Products this should not only strengthen the owner alone, but Products This will make friends around you stronger because it will increase by 10% Attack speed and defense even minions will produce in the vicinity for closest friends damage stronger when attacking the tower.

NS. Battle spells for Zhask

to Combat spells nya if you want your zhask to be Superior force then it is recommended to use Inspire magic spells because it will do Attack speed be faster. But you can also use Spells flicker if your enemy is more dominant over the catcher hero, like saber, zilong and so on.

Hopefully this article can expand your knowledge so that you can continually win while playing, both alone and with your friends.

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