Best build items and spells Balmond Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a Games MOBAs on mobile devices, e.g. B. Games MOBAs in general Games it also has a lot hero there are more than 56 that can be used hero, but in this article we will discuss and explain about it how to build balmond to the best battle spells used for hero Balmon.

Balmon itself is a hero by type tank but half fighter he attacks with a large machete in hand, and Balmon is also equipped with Skills which is pretty strong. The following is a full explanation of Skills, Spells, as well as build the best for Balmond.

I. Explanation of the Balmond Skill

Ability 1

away Skill 1 it is Soul lock This is usually used to run into or plunge into the enemy for when Skills it hits the enemy he will stop and slow down Speed ​​of movement Enemies by 60% and for 2.5 seconds.

Ability 2

Continue Skills the second is Cyclone sweeper or the deadly twist in skill 2, Balmon will spin his machete for 3 seconds, producing 80 Damege to the enemies around him.

Ability 3

And the last one is Skill 3 This is fatal counter Skills This is Balmon’s ulti and his precise move Balmon will give out a very sick punch as he produces 350 (+ 50% total) physical attack) damage, plus 20% of the target’s lost HP and is also reduced Speed ​​of movement Enemies by 60% for 2 seconds.

II. Build items Balmond

Listed below are the best balm items that are widely used by worldwide top Balmond:

III. Explanation of the Balmond Articles

1. Warrior boots

shoe Warrior boots is Products the first to buy because Products that added Speed ​​of movement Reach 40% and also the physical defense will be increased to 25 points, this will make it easier for Balmon in terms of Move It’s because this balm can be said to be a little slow when you haven’t used it Warrior boots.

2. Oracle

The second item is an oracle, Products This is very good for Balmon as it thickens the blood as it has +850 HP, +36. adds magic RES, +35 hp rain and + 10% Cooldown Reduction, the advantage is also within 4 seconds after the attack, si hero will regan (Fill life) 8% HP, but this effect has 6 seconds to cooling down or Loading is the language.

3. Blade armor

Products the third is blade armor, Products it will add armor or + 90% armor and deals 25% physical damage.

4. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

The fourth item is the Apocalypse Queen’s wings, this item gives +15 physical attack, +1000 hp, +10 cooling down reduction and also give Robbery of life fifteen%

5. Bloodlust ax

Products the fifth is bloodthirst ax, Products this adds + 70% physical attack, + 10% cooling down reduction and + 20% Spell vampire

6. Demon Advent

and Products the last one is more recommended for demons because Products this adds +950 HP, +54. added armor, +30 hp rain.

NS. Battle spells for Balmond

and Combat spells is highly recommended numb because Balmon itself is by nature a TANK.

Hopefully with a guide and explanation over Build items and spells This balmond can expand your knowledge so that you can continuously win as you play ranked solo or mabar with your friends.

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