Best build for Ningguang in Genshin Impact

So far, Ningguang is the only character with a Catalyst weapon and a geo-element. Added with Skills he has, he is one of the characters with a unique play style that cannot be imitated by other characters. Although it can have flexibility relay a message which is pretty limited, he’s one of the characters with potential Burst damage Very large.

Here is a guide build best for chongyun di Genshin impact.

Best weapon for Ningguang


Although it can be installed as a support, we believe Ningguang will be better when played as DPS. As a DPS, of course, he needs it equipment what increases Damage issue both weapons and artifacts.

  • Solar pearls: One thing to look for in this Battle Pass weapon is Substatisticswhich gives a crit rate bonus. This is certainly useful for DPS characters like Ningguang. In addition, the effect is that damage of skill / burst and normal attacks are increased Damage issue-must go on.
  • The wide: The opposite of Solar Pearl, The Widsith, actually gives a crit damage bonus. Then this weapon gives one of three random bonuses for its effect. While these effects are inconsistent on paper, at least two of the three effects are useful for characters like Ningguang.
  • Eyes of perception: Eye of Perception grants bonus attack as a Substatistics. But what is unique about this weapon is the effect it creates Burst damage that can jump up to four enemies. This effect is very helpful for characters like Ningguang, whose attacks are quite slow and only aim at one target.

Best artifact for Ningguang


As a DPS character who can only earn damage Elements that Ningguang naturally wants to find statistics Artifact attack, critical hit rate / damage and geo-damage. Then you can bring one of the two sets below for sets.

  • Finale of the Gladiator (2) + Archaic Petra (2): The combination of these two sets has one goal, which is to increase damage Ningguang as a whole. Gladiator boost damage Ningguan from the attack side, while the archaic Petra increases geo-damage.
  • Noblesse Oblige (2) + archaic Petra (2): You can take this kit with you if Ningguang isn’t the only DPS on the team or if he has enough Power to continue using Elemental Burst. This is because noblesse oblige will increase damage of Ningguang’s elemental burst by 20 percent.

Relay a message The best for Ningguang


Ningguang is a DPS character who is pretty reliable and has potential damage Very large. Just because it’s a slow attack animation and a catalytic weapon with geo elements, Ningguang doesn’t have many choices relay a message. other than that SkillsNor could it create the crystallizing effect as easily as albedo.

Because of these limitations, relay a message those who use ningguang usually just rely on raw damage Alias ​​cannot use the elementary reaction. That’s why relay a message for him is usually the help in relation to polishing or protection.

For example, he can be accompanied for Shield by Zhongli, who also takes care of Crowd control and extra energy. Then for healer You can use Bennett giving polishing Elemental explosion attack. Finally, for the final slot, you can bring in another Pyro character for a bonus damage the addition of the resonance effect that enhances character Damage issue like Mona, or a second shield provider like Diona or Xinyan (who are also Pyro characters).

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