Best build for Jean in Genshin Impact

Jean may look normal compared to other characters Genshin impact. But that doesn’t mean he’s a bad character. On the contrary, with Kit and attributes he is one of the flexible characters and can play any role or even several roles at the same time. In short, he’s quite a character valuable in the long run.

The following is build the best for Jean di Genshin impact.

Best weapon for Jean


Jean is a character healer with mechanism and Kit which is offensive. Heal what it produces depends on the attack attribute and can produce heal when attacking an opponent. Your elemental ability only works as a damage. Therefore, even though it is actually called a. acts healer, build because Jean always leads to the attack. This allows him to act as a DPS in the team.

For this reason, the weapons also lead to an increase in the attack for Jean. The best weapon for him, of course, is Aquila Favonia. But for a cheaper alternative, you can choose the following weapons:

  • The black swords: Weapons of upgrade Damage issue that Jean could produce. In addition, the effect is that heal for each critical hit, Jean’s passive effect is also added, which too heal for every attack.
  • The flutes: For a weapon that only increases attack, The Flute is the best choice for Jean. This gun gives Substatistics Attack and has a passive effect that produces Burst damage all five attacks. As a character required to perform normal attacks heal, the passive effect can be fully exploited.
  • Rancor prototype: For gamers play for free, the best weapon choice for Jean is of course the Prototype Rancour. Just like the flute, this weapon gives Substatistics Attack. In addition to this, this weapon also has a passive that increases attack and defense every time you land an attack, perfect for Jean.

Best artifacts for Jean


Since it can act as a DPS, healer, or both, Jean has a fairly flexible selection of artifact sets. But for the attributes you are looking for, unless you have very specific needs (e.g. you need anemodamage), you just have to search for artifacts. Looking for statistics Attack% and healing bonus or crit rate / damage.

  • Beloved Virgin (2) + Final of the Gladiator (2): If Jean plays the part healer the main team in the team, these two couples are the best choice for you. Remember, even if you are the main task healer but Jean needs statistics High attack and may need to be generated damage. Therefore a pair of gladiators is needed. After all, there’s no point wearing a full set of Maiden’s Beloved, as jean’s elemental abilities have absolutely no effect heal.
  • Gladiator’s Finale (4): Because it has build what leads to attack, Jean also has the potential as a DPS character on the team. If he takes on that role, he definitely needs the full set of gladiators that go further Damage issue to a sword user like Jean.

Best team for Jean


One advantage that the Anemo character has always had is its flexibility in the team. Jean can be plugged into many relay a message because it can always work synergistically with every element. So you should never be wrong about adding Jean to a team.

But if you want to maximize Kit that he has you have several options. Since this is a character who takes advantage of Jean’s playstyle who often performs regular attacks, characters like Albedo, Xinqiu, and Chongyun are pretty solid choices. All three can add elemental effects to any of Jeans’ attacks. After that, Jean can use elemental skills to activate the vortex effect.

Then, if you want to take advantage of the Elemental Skill effect that attracts enemies, you can use characters like Klee or Ganyu, both of which “trap” in one spot.

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