Best App For Work From Home

In recent weeks we have been surprised by the outbreak of the Corona virus or COVID-19 which has been made a pandemic by the WHO. The government then advised companies to work from home temporarily so that this virus does not spread quickly. Especially for Mobileague Friends, we collected applications that we can use for this WFH.

Work From Home Apps 1: Office

Mobileague friends who have to work with computers definitely need office applications to open word, excel or PPT. Not all workers can turn on the computer 24 hours, therefore we recommend installing office applications for document viewing, reviewing and simple editing.

WFH Apps 2: PDF Reader, Editor & Converter

When working at home, you also need to receive and read PDF files. PDF files also sometimes have to be edited, therefore need a PDF editor too. And usually you also need to change the PDF format to Doc, and vice versa.

WFH Apps 3: Scanner

There are also times when you have to move the writing on the paper into a document such as a PDF or Doc. However, not everyone has a scanner, or near the house there is an internet cafe that has a scanner. Therefore, you need a scanner application on your cellphone, because now as long as your cellphone camera is good, your cellphone can be used as a scanner.

WFH Apps 4: OCR

If the scanner only puts photos into Doc or PDF files without being able to edit the writing. There is also an application called Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This application serves to convert writing on paper into writing on a machine that can be edited via your cellphone or computer.

There is one application for all the tasks above, what is it? Let’s check the next page!

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