Before Release, First Know the Skills of Wanwan Mobile Legends

GridGames.ID – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang last October announced the presence of a new hero that will increase the number of Marksman roles.

The new hero named Wanwan was announced in the update version 1.4.06 and is known to have a specialty in the form of Reap/Burst Damage.

The appearance of Wanwan itself is a woman with two bun pigtails in typical women’s clothing in China.

Wanwan Mobile Legends


Wanwan Mobile Legends

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Behind the cuteness of Wanwan, it turns out that he is a tiger incarnation hero, guys!

Wanwan himself has been announced for an official release on Mobile Legends on November 26, 2022 in server time.

Before this new hero is released, you must know the skills of this hero named Wanwan, guys!

Kuy, let’s go straight, this is the explanation of Wanwan Mobile Legends’ skills.


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