Become an icon often! These are the 5 best characters in the Call of Duty game

Call of Duty Modern Warfare The latest version will be released at the end of October 2022. HypeIt felt enough already Games It has various new things like Special Ops mode and graphics features Real-time ray tracing for the PC version.

When we talk about it call of Dutywhat we have in mind is natural Shooter games which is pretty legendary. As a Games legendary, call of Duty it certainly has some iconic characters as well.

Well, this time around, Gimbot is going to discuss the best characters in the game Call of Duty games. There are at least five characters! Everyone? Let’s discuss.

Simon “Ghost” Riley – Modern Warfare 2


Ghost is a character who appears several times in. shows up Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But even if it seems a little, Ghost has a place in the hearts of the people player thanks to the cute character designs. Typically, Ghost uses a mask with a skull pattern.

Unfortunately, Ghost must be unlucky because he was betrayed by General Shepherd when he took away the DSM that contained Vladimir Makarov’s information.

Viktor Resnov – World at War, Black Ops

Viktor Reznov Call of Duty

Viktor Reznov is a complicated but amazing character. Viktor is known as a very powerful warrior. He proves that when he invites player in World at war on Vendetta’s mission to kill a senior Nazi.

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Then Viktor reappeared on the show Black Ops. He has a mysterious appearance and impression that the plot of Black Ops really interesting to enjoy.

John “Soap” Mactavish – Modern Warfare series


The character who has a unique nickname is soap, or if we interpret it as soap. As a soldier, soap is anything but serious. He always takes it easy. In fact, almost every joke Soap tells is an iconic joke.

He has a pretty central role in the adventure player in Modern Warfare series. His death in Modern Warfare 3 be a crushing blow to the enthusiast franchise
This. Yes, the ridiculous and hilarious soap really died on the last series Modern Warfare.

Captain John Price – Modern Warfare series

Captain John Price Call of Duty

Legends, myths and a real man. Yes, Price is really unforgettable on the show Modern Warfare. He must be recognized as one of the best and most iconic characters in call of Duty. This man is not short, but he also has the intelligence to guess the enemy’s strategy.

He is also the one who dared to pursue an extraordinary terrorist, Vladimir Makarov, in the end Warfare mode 3. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare Finally, John Price will reappear. Is it much better than the old series? We will see.

Alex Mason – Black Ops series

Alex Mason Call of Duty

The best protagonist in the series call of Duty special Black Ops. Alex Mason is a CIA agent and military veteran. At the beginning of the series Black Ops, Mason is described as a mysterious figure.

Because of the personality and strong image of this character, Mason is remembered by many player especially fans call of Duty.

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