Become a Dark Horse Team, Mousesports Champion ESL Pro League Season 10

Mousesports wins ESL Pro League season 10

Mousesports wins ESL Pro League season 10 – After defeating Astralis, it seems that there is no more equal opponent for Mousesports.

Because, Mousesports successfully won the ESL Pro League season 10 title.

This achievement was obtained after beating Fnatic with a landslide score, 3-0.

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Mousesports has proven successful as a team to watch out for in the CS:GO scene.

This is the second tournament in the last 1 month won by Mousesports.

Previously, Mousesports won the CS:GO Asia Championship.

However, winning the ESL Pro League is certainly much more prestigious than the CS:GO Asia Championship.

Because, the ESL Pro League gathers teams from various countries.

Led by Finn Andersen ‘karrigan’, Mousesports successfully dominated all the maps that were held.

The Inferno, Train, and Mirage maps were completely cleared by Mousesports.


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