Because this D’Angelo Russell was called the NBA’s most annoying partner

In a “Load Management” podcast appearance, former Lakers Nick “Swaggy P” Young revealed that D’Angelo Russell was the most annoying teammate the NBA has ever seen.

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And the answer is exactly what you expect.

Young doesn’t explain why he chose D’Angelo Russell, but is he really an annoying colleague?

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At one of the biggest moments of the 2022-17 NBA season, D’Angelo Russell recorded Young (who was engaged at the time) on a tape admitting affair.

It was an affair with a 19-year-old girl I met at the club. The video spread by word of mouth, creating a story that continues the Lakers season.

Russell was quickly isolated from his teammates when the media and his fans criticized him for destroying his teammates.

D’Lo was eventually traded by the Lakers and we forgot about it altogether. At least everyone except Young seems to call draw the most annoying teammate.

Now the Lakers are working on something bigger, and looking for a title, it’s the era of “Naughty War” and the drama locker room.

Certainly it seems to remain in the memory of the past. Meanwhile, Russell wants to learn lessons after the trials.

Unfortunately, I don’t think his relationship with Swaggy P will improve anytime soon.

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