Beautiful gamer 2 Hours Push Rank While Lying So fail to focus

There are many ways and many styles to go to Rome, uh, I mean when you want to play moba games on your smartphone. Some live streamer games usually focus on the most comfortable position when they want to push rank and do live streams. Starting from sitting on a chair (either gaming or sofa) to lying on the floor with a rubber mat. However, there is one more style that was recently practiced by one of the live game streamers from the land of the white elephant, namely Push Rank while lying down.

When viewed from the level of comfort itself, push rank while lying down will make the hands get tired faster. Moreover, it supports an unbalanced body weight, so that it can greatly affect performance when playing mobile games of the Moba genre.

Push Rank While Lying

Cheese Sayuri Sang Game Live Streamer

For those who are curious, you can try to see the live stream on their social media directly. Yes, the admin team understands because this is all intended as a study case or for research purposes only.

Facebook page can click here

Bonus Live stream gamers when Push Rank while lying down

Instagram page can click here


Having previously explained why push rank while lying down will make you more tired, this live streamer game can also make you auto fail to focus. With his “casual” outfit that can be said to be too relaxed, it makes people feel hot. It’s the same with one of the live streamer games that some time ago used a tank top and outfit that was too relaxed during the live stream. Both make it unfocused watching the live stream.

This Beautiful Live Streamer Game Push Rank Game Moba while lying down, auto fails to focus

Be careful when watching the live streaming of the game, because Sayuri’s cheese can suddenly “scream in pain with a certain tone of voice” when her character is hit by an enemy attack. This is very dangerous for those who are underage.

Has this gone too far?

The answer to the question above is maybe yes, maybe no, or maybe you don’t know. Because this is happening outside Indonesia and Facebook can be accessed by anyone starting from the age of 13 years. If in Indonesia this could be in the spotlight, but because it happened in Thailand, we can only help serve as a reminder for our friends to always sort out what we want to consume.

The message from the team is that if you are patient and push rank together, you will be less focused when playing. People ask you to push rank because you want to level up, get stars, change classes, don’t just go to epic or go platinum.

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