Beatrix Doesn’t Match Fighters!

RRQ Hoshi managed to secure their victory over Rebellion Zion with score 2-0 in continued MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 3 with quite a struggle.


How not, RRQ Hoshi can only secure games the first after 41 minutes of fighting in the Land Of Dawn! The fact is games it’s longer than time Grand Final MPL ID S6 games 5 seconds of RRQ Hoshi against Alter Ego.

Albertt as jungler from RRQ Hoshi also admitted that there was a lot of miscommunication in the games first. In addition, he also admits that Rebellion Zion is very strong because it can withstand 4 Lord obtained by RRQ Hoshi.

Alberttt said that B1RUL with Chou was the biggest problem in games first. Even Alberttt’s Hayabusa was hit solo kill in games the. Fortunately, they managed to rise in games second and won with a relatively more normal time.

RRQ Skylar Admits Beatrix Is Hard Against Hero Fighter

In session Media Interview MPL ID, RRQ Skylar who came forward as spokesperson said that games the first is quite tough because of some player RRQ Hoshi is fasting.

The existence of two Offlaner in the Rebellion Zion camp also made it difficult for RRQ Skylar who used Beatrix to do pick off because both Chou and Esmeralda of Rebellion are very strong in late game.

When asked by Game Spot the reason for releasing Beatrix in games second, Skylar admits that it was a ploy so Rebellion Zion didn’t use strategy two Offlaner again.

“That’s not to be taken by RBL, but more because they are afraid pick hero thick like before, that’s why it’s better pick Karrie to fight hero I see,” said Skylar.

source: Media Interview MPL ID

As if revealing his strategy, Skylar admits that he prefers to fight Marksman rather than Fighter when using hero Beatrix who was already attached to him.

However, it could be just a “plot” to get the other team to believe it. Even though Skylar could be happier when he met hero thick HP when using Beatrix.

At the end of Regular Season MPL ID S9, Skylar and RRQ Hoshi will meet EVOS Legends as El Clasico last of the season. In the first meeting, Skylar was absent and was replaced by Lemon.

If entrusted by Fiel as coach RRQ Hoshi to play in El ClasicoSkylar is ready to avenge the defeat in their first meeting against EVOS Legends!

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