Beat Saber VR Game Tournament Proves eSports Progress To Next Level

Beat Saber eSports Tournament


Beat Saber eSports Tournament

GridGames.ID – The development of eSports is increasingly visible thanks to technological advances that support it.

Rapid technological developments make games with the support of VR technology capable of presenting eSports championships.

One of them, the Beat Saber World Cup which is held every year.

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Not long ago, senior analyst at Niko Parners provided information via a tweet on his official Twitter account @ZhugeEX.

He said the eSports competition which was run last week by NetEase generated 800,000 spectators with a total prize of RMB 100,000 (equivalent to Rp. 219 million).

The pandemic that has begun to subside in China allows them to broadcast eSports offline and online.

The competition originally started on July 25 using 1000 VR Arcades located in 100 cities.

More than 3000 participants took part in the VR competition and the 10 participants with the top scores were entitled to advance to the finals.

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