BEASTARS Season 2 PV Is Released!!!

After more than a year since the first season! Now with the release of Beastars Season 2, the PV that summarizes the story that will be covered in the continuation of the story of the humanoid beasts has just been released with several story leaks.

Beastars Season 2 for May 2022

As announced in last year’s announcement, Beastars Season 2 will start playing to fill the slots Winter Anime 2022. Continuing the story where season 1 ended, the focus in this story will be on the characters Legoshi and Louis with their respective arcs, where Legoshi will face off directly with the killer Tem who became the beginning of the Beastars mystery in episode 1 season 1, while Louis will live his life after killing the leader Shishi Gumi at the end of season 1.

Beastars Season 2 itself will be played simultaneously on two streaming channels, namely Fuji TV’s Ultra+ every Wednesday, and also on Netflix, just like the first season. The addition of this broadcasting channel is also quite interesting and shows how popular the slice of life mystery drama series of these humanoid beasts is.

How are you? Mobidachi fans Beastars? Are you looking forward to seeing the continuation of the anime adaptation of this story? Stay tuned for more news about this anime.

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