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Esport King Born from Agate and RRQ Cooperation

Be the Best Manager in Esport King!
History of Development Esport King

Arief Widhiyasa told the story of the beginning of the creation of Esport King “Pak Andrian (CEO of RRQ) and Pak Riki (CEO of Qeon Interactive) and the three of me explored several ideas, and the idea that really excited us was how to give experience as an Esport Manager to everyone through games. ”

Pre-Register and Get the Prize!

Be the Best Manager in Esport King!

Esport King will be released on May 28, 2022 on the Playstore and will be available on the Appstore later. You can pre-register Here! Pre-register prizes are as follows:

  • 100.000 join : Special Limited Weapon: Golden Dessert Eagle
  • 200,000 join : Exclusive Battle Skin
  • 300.000 join : Special Limited Weapon: Blazing AWP Sniper
  • 400,000 join : Exclusive Esports International Costume
  • 500,000 join : Extra Rare Special 5-Star Pro Esport Player

That’s fine! let’s register right now! To read other interesting articles, read here!

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