Baywalk Game Festival is a Success, Time to Develop the Local Esports Industry

The Local Esports Industry wants to grow? It’s time to clean up

Baywalk Game Festival Runs Flawlessly, But Indonesia Must Start to Improve itself to Develop the Local Esports Industry and Enter the Game & Esports Industry as a Producer.

Jakarta (4/11/2018) – AGe Network in collaboration with Baywalk Mall successfully held an event entitled Baywalk Game Festival (BGF) which runs from 1 to 4 November 2022. BGF is holding a competition video games with prizes of tens of millions of rupiah and talk show which aims to educate the audience about the world esports.from a side that most people don’t know about.

Baywalk Game Festival is a Success, Time to Develop the Local Esports Industry

This BGF event features games Pro Evolution Soccer 2022 (PES 2022) and Playerunknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBGM) as its main competition with Shellfire as mobile games esports recently released and showcased in boothofficial vendor of Dunia Games & Indofun. The total participants for the PUBGM final round are 16 teams (each team consists of 4-5 people), while the participants for the PES 2022 final round are 108 people. Not only in the competition, visitors are also allowed to try games around the BGF area and it can be seen that the audience who came were quite enthusiastic about the existing games.

baywalk game festival
baywalk game festival

PUBG Mobile Competition Recap

In the PUBGM competition, Team Gado-Gado Esports came out as the first champion followed by the team Elite8 as runner-up and team Keris Gaming as third place. Meanwhile, the PES 2022 competition at BGF closed with a win Fiqri Rahardian (DomNoLimit Aliban) as first place. While the second and third place winners were won by Yozz Tama and Aliaz Rizal. For his victory, Fiqri will join in the final match of LIGA1PES Indonesia at the National level in the future.

pubg mobile

The PUBGM tournament held at BGF succeeded in attracting the attention of PUBGM fans not only from the North Jakarta area, but from areas outside DKI Jakarta as well. This match uses the system last-man-standing, where the last survivor gets the highest points.

PES 2022 Competition Recap

Turning to the PES 2022 competition, this tournament is arguably the competition that PES 2022 fans have been waiting for. Like PUBGM, the resound of this PES competition has attracted the attention of not only players from the North Jakarta area but also those from outside DKI Jakarta. . Apart from cash prizes, one of the main prizes up for grabs in this competition which is also the pre-season LIGA1PES tournament is a ticket to the final match of the national and then international LIGA1PES competition, in Bangkok Thailand 2022.

Talkshow About Indonesian Game Industry and Esports Industry

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the lively competition, BGF also presented an event talk show which presents sources who influence the development esports nor video games in the homeland. They are Glen aka DG Skinny (Manager and Pro Player AoV DG Esports team), Titan Tjahjono (Head of Production Mobile Games Shellfire), Diana Paskarina (COO & Co-Founder Anantarupa Studios), Setia Widianto and Rizky Faidan (Athletes) esports PES), Valentinus Sanusi (Founder Liga1PES), and Harry Sudharma (esports caster).

baywalk game festival event

Kika: Herry Sudharma, Valentinus Sanusi, Rizky Faidan, Setia Widianto, Diana, Titan Tjahjono, Glen. Photo by AGE Network

Special for session talk show involving Glen, Titan Tjahjono, and Diana, there was something interesting in their conversation regarding the challenges of developing the industry esports and video games in Indonesia. Glen revealed that adequate personnel management and social skills are needed by an athlete esports who wish to become a manager and ensure that the team is in good health, both physically and financially. In addition, as a manager, you must be able to bridge the needs player to management as well as management targets to player. His DG Esports team, coincidentally, is recruiting potential esports teams so that they can develop further within the DG Esports Team.

Meanwhile, Titan and Diana revealed that there was limited learning about production video games in the country, making it difficult for industry in this field to compete with other countries, so it is hoped that there will be further development of interest and talent in this field for the younger generations.

Indonesia’s quality of education is not enough qualified

Diana more fully explained, “In Indonesia the quality of education is not enough” qualified to send human resources into the game industry, besides the lack of knowledge and experience, we are forced to bring in human resources from abroad, one of which we bring from Korea”. Moreover, according to him, any game currently has a global level of competition, so in terms of quality it must also be worthy of publishing to the global market. Anantarupa himself once made simple games with a duration of 1 month to complex games that took up to years. “It all depends on the budget and the level of complexity” games what to do,” he added. “Currently we are developing a game with the MOBA genre and is the only one developer local Indonesians and even Southeast Asians who are making MOBA games with a very high level of difficulty.”

Esports Indonesia is quite potential if it is explored further

No different from the others, Herry Sudharma is one of the perpetrators esports who is currently pursuing the world caster judge that esports Indonesia has potential if it is developed seriously. In addition to industry caster or commentators in the game world are the same as football commentators, where they are challenged to bring the aura of the match so that it is always interesting, especially for the audience. As talent he also tells about how he saw talent from abroad as inspiration.

In addition, the Founder of AGe Liga1PES, Valentine added, the industry esports In the PES game itself, international football clubs such as AS Monaco and Schalke have begun to look at it, especially with the entry of PES to the 2022 ASIAN Games sports event yesterday. Competition esports For PES in Indonesia at the National to International level, the echo is getting bigger, it is also agreed by Setia Widianto and Rizky Faidan as PES athletes.

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