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Kocheng: Battle of boings

Who doesn’t know Indigo Game Startup Incubation, the first startup incubation program for Indonesian game developers who are sustainable in the game industry. This program aims to make game content created by Indonesian game developers dominate the national game market, and even the global game market. With that mindset, the game Kocheng: Battle of Boings was developed and will soon be able to be played by all gamers

A little leak has been informed to the editor, where this leak concerns the details of the mainstay features and the storyline of the Kocheng game which will be filled with cute, cute, and adorable characters. what is certain is that the barbarian orange cat will definitely be present in this game. Accompanied by the cute and adorable behavior of other characters.

Kocheng: Battle of boings
Kocheng: Battle of boings

Want to know what are its flagship features? let’s just discuss it in this Mobileague article.

About the game Kocheng, a fusion of Cat Dog and Gunbound

For those of you who want to know Mobileague, this game is one of the online multiplayer PVP games with slingshot and bounce unique mechanics. This game was originally a prototype that was made for 1 week to be launched to publishers in early 2022. Then this game was continued to the Indigo Game Startup Incubation program in 2022.

Game Kocheng: Battle of Boings is inspired by classic game titles such as Cat Dog and Gunbound, but this game is combined with a unique premise and gameplay. Games that have been continued as programs Indigo Game Startup Incubation wich one PT Melon Indonesia As a publisher, it is hoped that it can bring the nostalgic essence of the classic game into a more nuanced atmosphere fresh.

Kocheng: Battle of boings
claw machine

game synopsis

In this game you will play as Kocheng Oyen and his friends the Boing (Dolls that live at night) to fight and bounce off each other in a magic crane, to be crowned the champion among the boings on the crane.

Game Kocheng: Battle of Boings has a synopsis of an arena filled with lots of exciting arcade machines. The exciting arcade machine will certainly be full of visitors who want to play. Among all the arcade games in the arena, there is one that stands out the most, namely Claw Machine Games.

This Claw Machine Game is filled with stuffed animals with cute facial expressions. The cute expression of this doll is called Owning The Boings. No one person can win a game in this Claw Machine Game for months.

Kocheng: Battle of boings
season pass

For some reason, none of the dolls came out of the machine, as if the doll was sliding on its own when it was gripped by the machine. At nightfall, something strange happened to the machine. When all machines are turned off, suddenly the OtB box turns on by itself and turns into a Battleground area.

All the Boings inside came alive and among them many threw themselves at each other at some of the machines that were around. Due to their spherical shape, these Boings are very sensitive to force and bounce easily when hit by a machine.

Kocheng: Battle of boings

For the character Kocheng himself is a ginger orange cat boing and is a game leader. He often held rounds of battles every night to decide who was the best and the worst of them all.

The best boing will be crowned the champion and the worst boing may not slide alone when there is a claw machine that can grab it during the day. So it’s the best boing that can survive in the arcade machine.

Kocheng game features: Battle of boings

Each boing has its own advantages and uniqueness compared to other boings, so that the difference between each boing is not only seen from its appearance. Well, multiplayer games have 2 modes, namely: 2v 2 and 1v 1. So you can play it together with friends and form a team.

Similar to the game mode, this game has 2 modes, namely Mode Really good for fresh mechanics and premise, as well as fashion slap for classic no-bounce mode where everything is controlled with slingshot the same one.

The complete features that you can get in the game Kocheng: Battle of Boings, include:

  • Unique “bounce”
  • 1 vs 1 (Multiplayer game to play duel with friends)
  • 2 vs 2 (Multiplayer game so you can play as a team)
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop to learn catapult mechanics
  • Bouncing Mode to launch nearby opponents
  • Smash Mode to shoot nearby enemies
  • There are lots of cute and adorable characters that you can use with unique abilities.

Game Kocheng: Battle of Boings is still in development stage and that means this game will soon be available for you to play.

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