Bandai Releases Tamagotchi Game-themed Smartwatch, Cute Shape!

GridGames.ID – Legendary digital pet game, Tamagotchi is soon turning 25 years old.

To celebrate Tamagotchi’s birthday, Bandai produced a new Tamagochi Smart that puts the digital pet in a smartwatch.

The presence of this Tamagotchi-themed smartwatch allows users to tie a digital pet on their wrist.

This of course makes it easier for users to care for and feed digital pets.

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Tamagotchi was first released by Bandai in 1996.

At the beginning of its release, Tamagotchi received high enthusiasm from the global community, especially women.

Thanks to its popularity, Tamagotchi became a legendary digital pet game and was adapted into anime series, games, movies, and now smartwatches.

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Curious about the shape and features of the Tamagotchi smartwatch? See the explanation on the next page.


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