Bali United E-Sports Championship, Gamers Battle on the Island of the Gods

Bali United E-sports Championship Final

Bali, Denpasar, May 16, 2022 — In the final round of Bali United E-sports Mobile Legends, the Star8 Esports team, which was just founded last year, won 1st place with a prize of Rp. 50,000,000. Meanwhile, the Evos team from Thailand won 1st place in the PUBG-Mobile game with a prize of Rp. 35,000,000.

Bali United E-sports final
Bali United E-sports final

On Friday (15/3) and Saturday (16/3), the qualifier teams and invited teams entered the grand final round to compete for a total prize of Rp. 200,000,000 in Mobile Legends and PUBG-M games. More than 1,500 teams across the country registered for the tournament, and after several qualifying rounds, only 4 Mobile Legends teams and 14 PUBG-M teams made it to the final round and all of them have flown to Bali, Denpasar for the event.

The eligible teams will face each other with 4 Mobile Legends teams and 6 invited PUBG-M teams. The Bali United E-Sports Championship has invited several named Indonesian e-sports teams, including, Evos Burnout, Revo, Bigetron, RRQ, Dranix, Capcorn, SFI, and of course Island of Gods. During these two intense days, fans from outside Bali were also able to watch the game live streaming via the Island of Gods Youtube channel and through the tournament’s media partner, Nimo TV.

Island of God

Bali United held the “Bali United E-Sports Championship,” the first e-sports tournament presented by a football club in Indonesia. Held at the Bali United Café, Gianyar, Bali, this e-sports tournament offers two games: Mobile Legends Bang Bang and PUBG-Mobile, which are the two most played mobile games in Indonesia. In this event, Bali United also launched their e-sports team, Island of Gods (IOG), as the first football team in the country to enter the world of e-sports.

bali united esports
bali united esports

“E-sports is an industry that is growing very rapidly in Indonesia along with the world. We recently observed that many of our fans and community are e-sports watchers. By launching our e-sports team, Island of Gods, and now with the Bali United Esports Championship, we want to spread our network and serve our fans beyond football. As the first Indonesian football club to engage in e-sports, we also hope to contribute to the growth of this industry in the country,” said Bali United Business Director Putri Paramitha Sudali.

Bali United Festival

The Bali United E-Sports Championship is part of the Bali United Festival, an annual event dedicated to Bali United fans, called Semeton Dewata, as they have propelled the football team in precious moments from battle to victory. This festival brings together sports, arts, and culinary arts through a workshop, e-sports championship and music festival located at the Dipten Wayan Dipta Stadium, Gianyar, Bali.

bali united esports
bali united esports

This year, the Bali United Festival brings together a variety of music stars including renowned singer Cita Citata, Indonesian rock band D’Masiv, Dialog Dini Hari band and local Balinese musicians such as Lolot, The Resistance, and Bebangkan Oi! Squad.

Catering to sports fanatics, Bali United Festival 2022 has invited the Indonesia U-22 national football team to talk about “The Secret Formula to Becoming a Professional Athlete,” and to share insights on the team’s recent achievements as winners of the 2022 AFF Championship. The audience also had the opportunity to chat with Bali United player Irfan Bachdim and his wife Jennifer, with the topic “Ways to Be More Supportive to Your Partner and Family.”

bali united esports
bali united esports

About Bali United Bali

United Football Club is an Indonesian professional club based in Gianyar, Bali. Bali United started operating in 2014 and continues to consistently be in the highest strata of Indonesian football competition in Liga 1. Bali United’s nickname is Serdadu Tridatu and the nickname for fans is Semeton Dewata. Bali United has a vision to make the football industry in Indonesia more developed through the ecosystem of the 4 Cs, including Club, Community, Corporation and Country.

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