Back in Operation in India, PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game Changes Name

PUBG Mobile X Metro Royale

PUBG Mobile X Metro Royale

GridGames.ID – Last September, the Indian government officially blocked the PUBG Mobile game.

However, this November the battle royale game will be back in operation in India.

This good news has been confirmed directly by the PUBG Corporation.

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PUBG Corp. also agreed to follow special provisions proposed by the Indian government so that this game can resume operations there.

These provisions include an agreement to change the name of the game to PUBG Mobile India.

According to PUBG Corp., PUBG Mobile India will only be available exclusively for players in India.

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In addition to changing the name, PUBG Corporation has also agreed to make various adjustments to the content in the game.

Some of them include adjustments to the appearance of game characters that are more family-friendly.

The location of the war was changed to a simulated training ground, as well as the loss of the effect of blood splatter on characters who were hit by gunfire.

This change was made because PUBG Mobile is considered by the Indian government to have a bad impact on teenagers in India.

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PUBG Mobile is also considered to have taught the concept of violence which is very contrary to the culture of peace in India.

Furthermore, PUBG Mobile is also said to be able to make players addicted to playing.

To solve this problem, PUBG Corp. will reportedly release a feature that can limit game play time.

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To ease the concerns of the Indian government, PUBG Corp. also took back the PUBG Mobile franchise rights from Tencent to become a publisher for the Indian region.

This is marked by the transfer of the data of all PUBG Mobile players in India to Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, which operates in India.

“The privacy and security of Indian player data is a top priority for PUBG Corporation. We will carry out regular audits and verifications on systems that store personal information of Indian users to strengthen security and ensure that the data is managed securely,” said PUBG Corp.

Reporting from the KompasTekno page, PUBG Corp plans to invest USD 100 million (Rp 1.4 trillion).

The funds will be used to develop the local video game, esports, entertainment and IT industry ecosystem in India.

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In addition, the company also intends to establish a new subsidiary in India.

They will employ 100 local employees who focus on the esports business and game development.


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