AXIS – ULTIMO HOMBRE Esports Competition Successfully held at Senayan City

The AXIS – ULTIMO HOMBRE Esports Competition is lively

Jakarta, 10 August 2022 – An esports competition series called “Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League” will be held throughout Indonesia. This competition is the result of a collaboration between PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) through AXIS with a well-known British amateur esports company, ULTIMO HOMBRE. The competition, which targets gamers of all ages, will first start at The Hall, Senayan City, 8th floor, Jakarta on 10-11 August 2022.

AXIS - ULTIMO HOMBRE Esports Competition Successfully held at Senayan City

“AXIS is very enthusiastic about collaborating with Ultimo Hombre to provide an interesting and unique gaming experience to all gamers in Indonesia. Through this event we want to convince gamers of all levels and ages to play games using AXIS. We have been supported by a 4G LTE network that continues to expand with coverage in 376 cities throughout Indonesia. Therefore AXIS will provide gamers with a fantastic experience while they are playing mobile games the latest,” said Robert E. Langton as Group Head Youth Segment XL Axiata.

He added that AXIS has collaborated with many top gamers by offering special quotas for games and purchases in-app items use mobile account. All are expected to make it easier for gamers to enjoy their favorite games to the fullest.

Mark Adams as the founder of Ultimo Hombre also gave a view, “The current esports world landscape is more in favor of professional gamers, however, professional gamers only represent less than 1% of the world’s demographics. gaming. In every country there are competitive gamers who want to experience the same as professional gamers, but don’t always get the chance.”

AXIS - ULTIMO HOMBRE Esports Competition Successfully held at Senayan City

“Through our events in the UK, we are proving a huge share of those looking for opportunities to succeed, as well as those looking for a more inclusive environment where they can relax and be part of a community. By bringing Ultimo Hombre to the world stage, we can connect gamers around the world and maybe even discover new potential talent. With the slogan ‘Everyone Can Play, Anyone Can Win’ (Everyone can play, anyone can be a winner), Ultimo Hombre wants to embrace gamers of all levels.”

AXIS - ULTIMO HOMBRE Esports Competition Successfully held at Senayan City

The first series of Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League will have many series of events, one of which is a competition for pro gamers with prizes of hundreds of millions of rupiah and the opportunity to visit

to Ultimo Hombre, England, the games being competed were CSGO and Dota 2. Not to forget the games that are currently being promoted, such as Player Unknown Battleground and Mobile Legend were also present.

Para casual gamers also have the opportunity to win attractive prizes in the form of PS4 Pro, Logitech G413, Logitech Jacket, Nintendo Switch, Logitech G102, and vouchers through FIFA 18 game matches, Dragon Ball Z, Tekken 8, Beat Saber, Mario Kart, Pump It Up, and Muzi Box. In addition, cosplay activists also have the opportunity through the Cosplay Street competition whose registration will be opened directly at 10.00-15.00 WIB, on Saturday, August 11, 2022. The announcement of the winners of the Cosplay participants will be directly chosen by guest stars Yuki Tora and Baby Shark at 16.00 WIB, for winners 1, 2 and 3 have the opportunity to take home prizes worth Rp. 1,500,000, Rp. 1,000,000 and Rp. 500,000.

Not only game competitions, visitors can also enjoy various musical entertainments from DJ performances (Disc Jokeys), as well as skills famous game influencers such as Cassandra Florence, Sherlin Sutanto, Clara Mongstar, and Claudia Theodora who will be present on the second day. Through this series of events, Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League is expected to be a platform for all gamers to play, because Everyone Can PLAY, Anyone Can WIN – Everyone can play, anyone can be a winner.

AXIS - ULTIMO HOMBRE Esports Competition Successfully held at Senayan City

The first series which will take place in Jakarta will be held for two days on August 10 and 11 2022. The schedule for the event on August 10 2022 starts from 13.00-22.00 WIB and for August 11 2022 the event will last longer starting at 10.00-22.00 WIB. In this event, visitors will be charged an entrance ticket of IDR 80,000 for one day and IDR 120,000 for two days. In addition, visitors who attend this esports series will also get a SIM Card from AXIS with three types of packages, namely; The first package is the HITZ Starter Pack with a standard sim card package that allows you to make free calls to other AXIS members and make free calls messaging using the WhatsApp, Line and BBM applications, then the second Bronet Data Pack, which is a 1GB internet data package that is valid for up to 30 days and the third KZL Game Pack package, which is a 1GB package. gaming which is valid for up to 30 days to play AOV, Freefire and PUBG.

The Ultimo Hombre AXIS Pyramid League event is expected to increase public interest in esports and direct the younger generation to achieve positive dreams with a competitive spirit. So that later the best winner will be chosen to produce the ‘Ultimo Hombre’ or ‘Last Man Standing’.

Ultimo Hombre is a global eSports company that was one of the first eSports to bridge the gap between professional eSports and socially competitive gaming. Launched in the UK, Ultimo Hombre hosts events and tournaments around the world to bring the passion and spectacle of eSports to a wider audience in an environment that provides a unique personal experience for players. gamer, viewers and fans games and create opportunities for them to be in the spotlight and win amazing prizes on the Ultimo Hombre leaderboard. Each unique experience is captured and broadcast via YouTube, Twitch and social media channels to bring together a global community that doesn’t just celebrate the world games competitive environment, but Ultimo Hombre is also a platform to develop and innovate in providing solutions for a sustainable social and environmental ecosystem, as well as advocating mental wellbeing and providing a playing field for persons with disabilities and being the first in

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About XL Axiata

PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Indonesia. XL Axiata focuses on providing digital services to provide convenience for people’s life activities and encourage the development of Indonesia’s digital economy. Starting its commercial operations since October 8, 1996, XL Axiata currently provides a variety of services for retail and corporate customers supported by a wide and quality network throughout Indonesia. Since December 2014, XL Axiata has implemented a 4G LTE network, followed by the development of a national-scale commercial 4G LTE in July 2022. XL Axiata is part of the Axiata Group together with Celcom (Malaysia), Dialog (Sri Lanka), Robi (Bangladesh) , Smart (Cambodia), Ncell (Nepal), Idea (India), and M1 (Singapore).

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