AxB Group! This is the PMCO Fall Split standings results – SEA League Day 1

Bigetron RA PMCO SEA Fall Split

Bigetron RA PMCO SEA Fall Split

GridGames.ID – PMCO Fall Split – SEA League is an international class tournament organized by Tencent Games and sponsored by Vivo.

There are 24 best teams from several countries that will compete for the PMCO SEA Fall Split champion.

On the first day, group A will compete against group B to get the best 16 team slot.

This PUBG Mobile tournament uses the Sanhok, Erangel, Miramar and Vikendi maps.

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In the first game on the Vikendi map, the Reaper team opened the match by getting a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

They opened the match by getting 9 kills.

Followed by the MEGA Conqueror team which was the first winner of Thailand, getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on the Sanhok map.

Furthermore, there was the Bigetron RA team from Indonesia who got the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner at Map Miramar.


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