Awaken Dellons Comes to Mobile RPG Seven Knights Indonesia

Netmarble Games today announced a major update for the mobile RPG Seven Knights in the form of Awaken Dellons. This update presents the first hero awakening of the seven special heroes of the Seven Knights. The presence of Awaken Dellons as Dark Knights who are also enemies of the Seven Knights, brings a turning point, both in the story and in battle.

Players can now see the continuation of the story of the heroes who fell into chaos due to the emergence of the newest member of the Dark Knights through the official Seven Knights channel on YouTube. Awaken Dellons is expected to bring new excitement to players who like strategic gameplay. Along with this update, Seven Knights also released Area 12 which is filled with hot rocks, and inhabited by strong monsters. Not only that, you can also get a variety of pets that will help players when fighting in this area.

Marking the Awaken Dellons update, Netmarble held a Time Chest event for seven days that offered various prizes, such as Hero 6 to Power Up Crystal ★6. Players can find it through the Time Chest in the main lobby. In addition, Netmarble launched an exclusive Awaken Dellons costume and presented Dellons as the 50th hero when summoning heroes at the Summon Shop. Players who Awaken Dellons within three weeks of the update, will receive Hero Selector 6. Netmarble will also offer Seven Knights Hero Selector at attractive prices through special offers.

The popular Turn-based RPG game Seven Knights offers you the fun of playing the game by collecting and developing more than 500 interesting characters.

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