Auto-Buy! These are the 4 New Mobile Legends Skins Released in May

GridGames.ID – After several leaks that will be present in May, now the release date of these skins has been announced.

There are 4 skins that will be released in the near future in Mobile Legends, ranging from Starlight, Normal, Elite and Epic skins.

These four skins are also obtained in different ways, either through events, or can be purchased normally using diamonds.

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Just take a peek at the latest skin looks that will be present in Mobile Legends, kuy!

1. Hanabi – Fiery Moth


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The marksman hero, Hanabi, will get a new skin, guys. Reportedly, this skin named Fiery Moth will become a Starlight skin in May. This skin is officially available on May 1, 2022.

2. Esmeralda – Ruddy Dusk

Esmeralda Skins

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Esmeralda Skins

Well, the last one is Esmeralda, a mage/Tank hero who hasn’t been officially released on the Original Server of Mobile Legends, aka still feels at home on the Advanced Server. This skin named Ruddy Dusk will be officially released together with the hero in the latest Mobile Legends update on May 3, 2022.

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3. Saber – Onimaru

Epic Saber Skins

Instagram ml_leak

Epic Saber Skin

Saber will get a skin that has a really cool model design. It seems that the animation effect of this skin will also be as cool as it looks. This skin named Onimaru is an Epic skin for Saber, as well as being the sixth skin for him which can be found at Lucky Box on May 8, 2022.

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4. Minsitthar – Gilded King

Minsitthar skin Skin

Instagram ml_leak

Minsitthar skin Skin

The hero role fighter with Crowd Control who can also be an Initiator, Minsitthar, will have a new skin, you know. This skin called Gilded King is planned to be an Elite skin for him. This skin will be officially present in Mobile Legends on May 10, 2022.


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