Auto Buy! PUBG Mobile Offers Alan Walker and Season 6 Skin Promos

PUBG Mobile x Alan Walker

PUBG Mobile x Alan Walker

GridGames.ID – Enter season 6 Today, PUBG Mobile is back to giving a surprise by collaborating with Popular DJ, Alan Walker.

Of course Alan Walker gave his new song called “On My Way” as PUBG Mobile’s first birthday song.

PUBG Mobile also gave a gift of a set of Alan Walker skins that you must buy, and there is a promo season 6 too.

Here is an interesting promo for PUBG Mobile entering season 6 that are party-themed:

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1. A Set of Alan Walker Hoodies

Alan Walker Hoodie on PUBG Mobile

Alan Walker Hoodie on PUBG Mobile

Don’t hesitate hoodies and Alan Walker’s favorite hat is sold on PUBG Mobile at a low price.

You can get this for Rp. 68.000, – and can be paid with an ATM or credit you know.

Don’t miss this set of skins, because it only lasts two weeks.

2. PUBG Mobile season 6 bonus promotions!

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Attractive Promos

PUBG Mobile Season 6 Attractive Promos

As usual, PUBG Mobile always provides the best promos at every turn season-his.

This time the interesting promo is with top up UC is 180, you can already get a neon UZI skin, a mask, and a set of clothes season 6. Cool right?

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This promo is valid until May 15, 2022 aka until change season seventh later, so don’t miss it.

What are you waiting for? just open your PUBG Mobile and buy everything.


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