AURA Jamet’s Successful Debut at MPL

AURA Fire as a team that was quite fierce in the preliminary round of the season MPL ID Season 9 turns out to have games big they have to deal with Geek Fam at this week’s MPL.

Match MPL this time will be hot, because High is included as player who held multiple MVP titles in MPL Season 9 didn’t play. In other words, on match MPL this time AURA will use the substituteJamet!

Known as the team that pioneered the odd META, AURA Fire needs to be watched out for by its competitors, especially Geek Fam today who intends to completely tackle AURA to enter the final. upper bracket playoffs.


Can the underdog Geek Fam ID to tackle the ex underdog “Red Dragon” AURA Fire? All these questions will be answered soon in match this time!

Jamet’s Successful Debut at MPL


Game 1

AURA Fire didn’t take down one of their best retainers, the jungler Lord High’s example. It’s not clear why they didn’t lower High. However, this creates momentum for substituteAURA Jamet to shine as he will debut on the MPL stage.

No one expected that Jamet would perform brilliantly by using Ling as jungler. More or less as crazy as High, as if dancing with the hero Ling that he used.

Whereas on the Geek Fam side they have hero counter Ling, Phoveus. However, Geek Fam, who played loose, displayed a very aggressive performance. The Red Dragon is very troublesome in early game and have to back away slowly to think of the best solution to steal winning points.

Entering ten minutes, war big happening in the area lord. A pretty big surprise came from AURA Fire which managed to wipe the entire Geek Fam army off the map, and finally games first, AURA Fire can win even though it is fierce.

Jamet’s debut was a huge success in games this, he even earned the MVP title at games first.

Games 2

Early game once again ruled by the Geek Fam. Their troops were able to destroy AURA Fire’s formation.

It seems like, chemistry What they built during 10 defeats in MPL was honed enough, so they were able to show a very classy match with the top 3 in the MPL ID Season 9 standings.

However, the end games be a disaster for the Geek Fam. AURA Fire looks very compact and can get lord which finally led them to the gates of victory. The Red Dragon won heroically.

Final score: 2-0

The Red Dragon flies freely to the second place in the MPL ID Season 9 standings. Below that, there are ONIC Esports and others who will certainly try to catch up with the standings to reach the top!

Their journey will still continue until the end. Watch it only on the YouTube channel Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia or NIMO TV MPL ID Season 9. You can also watch it on Cinepolis with your friends!

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