Aura Esports is Fierce at the Top!

Can’t believe the MDL ID S5 event has entered week the last of the regular season. The competition for the teams is certainly getting tougher to compete towards the rounds playoffs.

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Week 6 will be decisive to find 4 teams that will fulfill slots remaining. Even so, top teams like Aura Esports are still hot and still playing optimally. What was the result like? Here’s the full review!

Ax Gang 2-1 Dewa United

Games The first and second became fierce battles for the Ax Gang and Dewa United. In games First, the Ax Gang managed to appear more mature after undergoing a long duel for 22 minutes and excel thanks to the deadly combination of Beatrix from Watt and Kimmy used by Vinzy.

Temporary games the second belongs to Dewa United wholly who managed to win quickly with a score of 9-5.

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Continue to games Third, the Ax Gang again relies on the Beatrix and Kimmy combo which is their mainstay in the game games first. The result is the same as games the first where they appeared dominant and successfully won with a score of 14-6.

Alter Ego X 2-1 Kings Esports

Alter Ego managed to win narrowly against Kings Esports. Had a fierce fight in games first, Alter Ego managed to do comeback and win even if lost kill. Jhehehe’s performance using Lylia managed to make it difficult for Kings Esports in the phase late game.

Games both are quite similar to games the first one where Kings Esports took control of the match and outnumbered kills. The difference is, they managed to gethappy ending” because they won with a score of 26-19.

Enter games third, the condition is again equal to two games before where Kings Esports really appeared dominant and dominated the numbers kill.

But as if deja vu games first, again Alter Ego X is capable comeback this time thanks to using Cecilion Jhehehe. As a result, Alter Ego X won even though they lost 11-24. Final score 2-1 to Alter Ego X.

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ONIC Prodigy 2-1 Aura Esports

Games The first one was successfully dominated by ONIC Prodigy perfectly. Relying on Grock as EXP Laner as well as Khufra, ONIC really dominates folder well. As a result, they also managed to win a landslide victory 23-16 and end the game games first in the 16th minute.

In games second, it was Aura Esports’ turn to go berserk. Depend on combo Balmond from Variety and Druuu’s Angela, Aura Esports has really been unstoppable ever since early game so they won smoothly with a landslide score of 16-4.

In games Third, Aura Esports once again showed their class by successfully beating ONIC Prodigy 19-9. Karina Games Tank from Variety really succeeded in making ONIC Prodigy’s defense a mess so that it won smoothly in games this third. Score 2-1 for Aura Esports.

upstation-MDL ID S5 W6D2: Aura Esports is Fierce at the Top!

EVOS Icon vs RBL

Games The first one was well dominated by Evos Icon. Relying on Ling from Tazz and Grock from Panzer, they managed to master the phase early game very well. Ling from Tazz also played very well and recorded 7 kill and 3 assist. Score 1-0 for the white tiger team.

Screenshots (55)

In games the two matches are not too far from games first. The Balmond that Tazz used this time was successful and unstoppable. Yve used by Claw Kun was also unable to be overcome by RBL because he managed to get 3 kill and 9 assist. An easy 2-0 win for EVOS Icon.


With the results of this match, the struggle to qualify for the round playoffs become fiercer. With two days remaining, all the unsafe teams will appear all out in order to secure the available tickets.


That’s the recap or review of the MDL ID Season 5 Week 6 Day 2 battle. Who do you think will be the champion at the end of the season? Which team will qualify for the round? playoffs? Let’s just wait, shall we!

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