Atelier Ryza 2 Review – Familiar Experience, New Adventure

GUTS continues its tradition of release Studio games in about a year. But this time they released Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy. This is the first time in the series’ history studio where one character becomes the title and the main character in two Games. This certainly means the extent of the success Atelier Ryza how Games as well as Ryza as a character. The question, of course, is whether this sequel still offers the same quality or even better?

After trying to play Atelier Ryza 2 still present an experience only found in the series studio: easy role play with a system alchemy as the main attraction. The sequel also manages to fix and improve what’s already in Games before.

Meet old faces and new faces


Three years after the adventure in Games At first, Ryza broke up with his friends and led a normal life in his hometown. But one day he got a request to do some research Gemstones mysterious. From there he travels to the big city, meets old and new friends and explores the many ruins to uncover the secret.

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Same as Games first, story in Atelier Ryza 2 better suited to be called a story Piece of life with the spice of adventure. Although the adventures he experiences are quite exciting, the main attraction is the story Atelier Ryza 2 This is how Ryza interacts with the characters around him. Along the way, Ryza and his friends enter into interactions that allow you to get to know each character even better.


But the interactions you get aren’t just about Ryza and his group. Ryza also meets various NPC characters and interacts and helps them in the form of Side quest. Some of the NPCs in Games previously returned, but apart from that there are also some new characters. The presence of this character not only makes the city you live in more lively but also as a place to “rest” if you want to get away from it seek or the main story. In addition, although it is easy to follow the history of these NPCs is interesting.

Various side activities


Your job in Atelier Ryza 2 more or less similar to Games before. You have to explore new areas to continue the story. But aside from that, you may also need to collect materials to do alchemy.

Apart from these two things and Side quest that we mentioned above, Atelier Ryza 2 also have a system inquiry and reputation. You can take inquiry through bulletin boards in town. Every inquiry What you complete will increase Ryza’s reputation in the eyes of townspeople, which in turn unlocks new content. inquiry These range from collecting materials or crafting items to killing certain monsters.


As I mentioned earlier, the presence is there Side quest, inquiry, as well as alchemy in Atelier Ryza 2 is an indispensable distraction. Because the mission and the main story in Atelier Ryza 2 is quite long. Finding a single ruin takes a long time and includes the new functions for finding clues and solving puzzles. You can also visit a ruin several times at different times.

The story goes in without a break Atelier Ryza 2 becomes very tiring and boring. It’s history Atelier Ryza 2 not separated by chapter and will continue without a clear transition. Fortunately, you can always detach yourself from the main story and do it quick trip anytime in the capital. So if you get bored of continuing the main story, you can take a step back and do lighter activities like Side quest, inquiry, or explore alchemy.

struggle and alchemy More freedom


Two Atelier Ryza 2 gameplay gameplay This is struggle and alchemy stick to the familiar formula. But everyone has an extra touch that makes it even better.

struggle still using the system active time battle with party consisting of three characters. In combat you only have to control one character and let the AI ​​control the remaining two by two preset (aggressive or supportive) that you can change at any time.

In combat you can do three things, namely normal attacks, curse, or use Products. Each action fills a different display and allows you to take different actions. For example, common attacks charge energy to use curse. Then every use curse will give the points that are used to use Products Called crystal core.


One thing different from the system Combat Atelier Ryza 2 is in this crystal core. Previously, when a character exited the base, it had 10 Crystal Cores and was exhausted from use Products. To refill it, you’ll have to destroy one of three or four Products that you bring or return base. This makes players too cautious when using it Products. Though as alchemist, Ryza can always do it Products powerful and much more effective in defeating the enemy than with curse or regular attacks.

Through the integration Products it goes straight into the system struggle, Atelier Ryza 2 allow players to use Products freer without having to think about management resources. The system definitely does that Fight against Ryza 2 so much smoother and engaging because you have to decide when to use it cursewhen to use Productsand when to wait.


alchemy also have a main system that hasn’t changed. You can mix and match all sorts of ingredients that you find on your adventures to make them Products. Type Products You can craft a wide variety of things, from better raw materials, to weapons, and Heal items or damage that you can use in battle.

The only thing that changes the most is how you can create each new recipe. Before that, the recipe for Products can only be found when you create Products Time with certain materials. But for this you usually need high-quality materials, which are usually only accessible when you have progressed in the main story. That is what the system does alchemy this is one of the main attractions of the series studio so somewhat restricted.


Atelier Ryza 2 Change the system by implementing it Skill tree. You can learn new recipes as long as you have points Skills sufficient. You can get the points yourself by Products or done inquiry. Coupled with the freedom to do the activities you want, deciding which recipe to learn certainly gives you the freedom to choose tempo played. Then because Products increasingly relevant in struggleDetermining the recipe you want to learn first means having the freedom of the fighting style you want.

Same visual disadvantages


Total, Atelier Ryza 2 give what you’ve been through Games its first, but with a few better details. This experience is complemented by beautiful backdrops and music, which the series perfectly reflects studio: calm and relaxed, but still with a thirst for adventure.

Unfortunately, while it looks nice from a distance, it lacks visuals Atelier Ryza 2 will be very visible if you isolate one at a time. Many objects still have a texture that seems cheap. Most objects and monsters still use the same model in Games earlier and minimal variation.


Then in the city that is your base there are very few NPC models who become city dwellers. As a result, you will often see the same NPC crossing many times. In fact, the purpose of including many NPCs was to liven up the atmosphere of a large city that became the new headquarters Atelier Ryza 2. But the lack of NPC variants makes walking around town a bit of a strange experience. Fortunately, you won’t be walking around town very often other than to do it Side quest. I just still hope that GUTS as a developer has more time to get better visual quality.



Despite the disadvantages, Atelier Ryza 2 still managed to deliver a gaming experience Studio games: An easy role play to relax. Various new features and improvements implemented in this sequel have managed to address some of the flaws in the game Games and offer some unique new experiences.

Same as Games beforehand if you search Games Quite a long RPG, but with a story and features Style of play easy, you could try Atelier Ryza 2.

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