Artia And Civia Announce HoloCN Disbandment

Through their first joint collaboration stream, Civia and Artia announced HoloCN’s disbandment.

Disclaimer: Due to indications of changes to the agreement submitted by Artia and HoloCN, please heed the text that has been crossed out because the information is no longer valid. Further information will be conveyed in a future article waiting for an official announcement from Cover and Hololive CN

Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato have returned to their activities as VTuber talents on Hololive and have been warmly welcomed by fans who have long and faithfully waited for Hololive’s three-week suspension to end.

The Chinese antis who still hold grudges because their demands are not met try to cause trouble by making a fuss in the chat stream column of Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato. They are even willing to make sacrifices to become members, buy social media accounts to spread hate spam, and even create chat bots that flood the chat column of streamers they hate. Although in the end, their efforts did not seem to reduce the enthusiasm of fans who wanted to enjoy Kiryu Coco and Haachama content. Report and Ignore is a suggestion that continues to be echoed against the antis.

But the happy news is not without victims. The branch of Hololive’s agency in China, HoloCN, is certain to be disbanded soon due to the unfavorable situation in continuing to do business in the bamboo curtain country.

Through his first collaboration stream with Civia, Artia announced the disbandment of HoloCN

Ironically, this is the first collaboration between these two talents. Through announcements delivered in English via the Twitch media platform. Although many instructions have been given through their social media accounts on Twitter, in the end, Artia uploaded a long post containing thanks to the management and VTuber colleagues.

Artia and Civia Announce HoloCN Disbandment - Otaku Mobileague
Artia’s thanks through a long tweet

The broadcast on Twitch is an official statement from Artia and Civia that HoloCN will be closed and all their talents have chosen to become Independent Vtubers.

The official announcement from Hololive seems to be announced in the future. Artia’s twitter account no longer contains Hololive id.

Artia is no longer affiliated with HoloCN
There is no more id hololive writing on Artia’s name.

Get the Avatar copyright and earn a month without any deductions

Although it is very unfortunate that the end of the political nuanced drama that was crushed by the antis ended with the disbandment of the HoloCN branch. However, Civia and Artia confirmed that they got the copyright to their Avatar so they were allowed to continue to use the avatar given by Hololive along with the assets contained in the avatar.

Not only that, talents also get a policy to receive their last month’s income in full (minus the administrative discount from each platform), thus providing enormous financial assistance for each talent to be able to stand on their own when they are officially independent.

Fans will continue to support the talents of former HoloCN

Although it is very unfortunate and fans from outside China seem unable to fully support them due to the unfriendly Bilibili platform. The release of talent from Hololive has received massive support from Bilibili fans.

The bilibili fans are divided into fans who cannot voice their opinion against the drama and reject the vocal voice of the antis and fans who have been affected by the antis campaign but still support the talents as long as they are not affiliated with Hololive. Artia, who stated that she was no longer affiliated with Hololive and announced that she would receive unpaid income from the agency, received generous donations from her fans.

Super chat time!
Supachato taimu for Civia

In the end, due to the highly irritable antis cry by a YouTube analytical presentation read by two Hololive VTubers, Hololive had to leave the Chinese market, which was the giver of the surge Hololive needed to make it big and reach an international audience.

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