Arsenal Football Club Goalkeeper Bernd Leno Forms FIFA 20 Esports Team

Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno

Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno – The excitement of eSports tournaments seems to have hit various components of society.

No exception class artist or public figures famous.

An example is Arsenal’s football player, Bernd Leno.

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Because of his high interest in eSports, Leno formed an eSports team to compete in FIFA 20.

The Arsenal goalkeeper has formed an esports team called ‘Leno Esports’ and has two pro FIFA 20 players, BILD reports.

Jan Niklas Flock and Deniel-Alexander Mutic became the first 2 members of the eSports team.

While the remaining 3 players are Max Lud, Paul Kowtun, and Joe Hellman.

The three gamers are still under 19 years old and come from the same city, Stuttgart.

The vision of the Leno Esports team that he formed was not to win the FIFA 20 tournament, but only to advance the eSports potential of his hometown, Stuttgart.


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