Are you sure you want to use the FF skin tool for war? See the facts!

Is it safe to use the FF skin tool?

Free fire (FF) It is a game that gives a lot of surprise gifts to the player.

Galena is often tempted to try out new game features, costumes, skins, and more.

However, some players still want to change things for the better.

One way is to use the application Tools skin APK Change the appearance of the game.

Let’s take a closer look at this application and the pros and cons of using it!

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FF skin tool

Free Fire Max

This app is an app third party This modifies the original Free Fire game.

Toll Skin allows you to change the look and play of games offered by Garena.

It offers many features such as: Change lobby background, change character skin, More.

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But have you ever wondered if this application is safe to use?

Looking at the rules issued directly by the parties Garena Free Fire, The use of third-party applications to assist the game is prohibited.

In this case, you are considered a Free Fire cheat or cheat.

why? The third application is to break through Garena’s cryptographic protection and change something in the system.

So if you’re wondering if this is illegal, the answer is of course Okay!

Results of using the FF skin tool

If you find it illegal to use this application, please stop using it anymore.

Please be aware that Galena is very strict regarding such scammers, they do not hesitate to be banned.

All costumes, skins and diamonds collected in your account will disappear and you will no longer be able to use them.

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